Is anyone on here a hardcore Ingress fan?

I have an Anker Ingress battery I won last year its a Ingress Powercube 16000MAH Battery. Its brand new only been taken out to see it in all its glory, comes with original box and charging cable. I have an idea for it and would like to gift it to someone on here as long as they cover the shipping costs in good faith after I ship it to them and they receive it. :slight_smile: I just dont want to let it sit around and not be put to use. Idk if this would be allowed by @AnkerOfficial so we shall see. Anyone interested feel free to message me.


Lemme know how ya wanna do this…Lol. Viva La Resistance!!

Sorry @Quinn_Armstrong beat you guys to the punch! He messaged me yesterday and it was shipped shortly there after :slight_smile:

Sorry @RooDee ! Viva La Resistance! Thanks @cava3395 ! Still geekin!

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Shes been delivered! Let me know how u like it lol! :grin:

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Oh. My. Goodness. I’m speechless. You’re a god @cava3395!


Viva La Resistance! Glad you have the right one!

Cheers! Wow…


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Enjoy Buddy! :smile: