Is Anker no longer interested in 10ft Lightning cables? Last 10ft Lightning was the early 2018 PowerLine+ II (3.5 years ago)

I guess thicker AWG and longer lengths have gone out of vogue: my PowerLine+ II keeps tearing up at the strain relief (weird at 30,000 bends, but it has a lifetime warranty, so anyways), so I’m looking for upgrades.

Do users still prefer 10ft Lightning cables? I noticed the Lightning PowerLine III, the PowerLine III Flow, the PowerLine+ III, and the standard Nylon are all capped at 6ft maximum.

I hope to see a return of thicker wire gauges / thicker cables so we can at least get the 10 ft cables back. Always handy during travel or awkward room layouts.

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Maybe they don’t see much demand for it, sales wise


agreed… it could be sales or even a higher than return rate.

I mean, they still sell those cables and they still work, right? So not a ton of drive to update what is probably a low volume product.

I like 10ft USB-C cables, because there are lots of uses for those including my Xbox controllers and a variety of other devices I have that are USB-C now. Lightning cables are basically only useful for charging an iPhone, and I would guess that 6 feet or shorter covers at least 99% of that market.

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I would not want to deny you a 10ft cable if you want one.

But there are electrical reasons why they do not exist.

To get energy into your iPhone , is Energy (Watts) = Voltages (V) x Current (Amps). So you can do it via either higher voltage and low current or lower voltage and higher current.


Notice Power is current squared times Resistance. Or in other words, if you did go for high current and low voltage, for any given wire, you waste more power within the cable.

Then you see the voltage drop is current x resistance. So you’d lose a lot of voltage in a high current low voltage type situation so your initial 9V in one end of cable would probably be quite a bit less out the other end and likely the Apple product would object (not work).

So I can see why 10ft cables are not easy to come by, they need to be much thicker for a given Wattage than a higher voltage cable, heavier, more expensive.

What most Ankerholics do is just get a desk charger, where a higher voltage lower current thin cable goes to the electrical outlet, into the DC-DC converter to a shorter USB DC cable.

Look at a different brand if you set on a 10ft cable