Is anker ever going to make powerline 2+ usb c-usb a cables?

I’m jealous as an android user, of the powerline 2+ lightning cables. When can we expect usb-c cables to get the same treatment? for that matter how come not all lengths of usb-c and usb-c/a cables aren’t available in powerline 2?


I’ve been asking this for all varients if the usb-c , esp with regard to the 4"/10cm lead (which is available if buying the multiples pack). It’s a lead they make, but for some reason restrict its sales???

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@AnkerOfficial has stated that their are plans for PowerLine+ II USB-C. However, they will not be introducing PowerLine II or PowerLine+ II MicroUSB cables.


@joshuad11 that makes sense, but are we going to have to wait forever?

Also I have a powerline+ usb-c to usb-a and while I like the cable’s durability, the usb-c end is too tight of fit, and requires 2 hands to plug it into my phone, unlike the lg oem cable. Are all the cables the same tightness?

No, that is something new with USB-C. All cables and ports are not the same size, but they are pretty darn close. Anker says they try to accommodate for the vast majority of devices. You may have better luck with PowerLine II, as tweaks/optimizations may have been made. As for PowerLine+ II, I would say this year. Anker is not the quickest at releasing new products :laughing:

Yea I tried waiting it out, but I think I’m going to have to cave and just buy 3ft powerline 2 usb c to a. really would’ve preferred the 2+ that’s kind of the perfect cable. Fingers crossed none of my 2+ lightning cables have failed so far, but I did have 1 powerline 2 lightning 10 footer fail(but it was of course replaced immediately).

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If Anker don’t hurry up, I will be FORCED to buy a lead from elsewhere.

All I want is a 10cm/4" usb-c to A lead (slightly longer would be ok, but not much)

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Well it took 6-12 months, but anker finally released them! I bought a 6 foot powerline 2+ immediately, and its great. It fits the port on my lg g5 way better and easier than powerline +. Plus unlike powerline + the cord isn’t super fat.