Is a 10ft iPhone charger worth it

Should I buy a 10ft long iPhone charger or use my current iPhone charger and add a usb extension cable.


not sure - try

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You could try and use a USB extension cable to get the length you are looking for. The only real issue is the handling properties of the extension cable. Many of them work fine, but have a lower current handling which could severely hamper your charge times. The other issue you could have if you have my bad luck is a second connection point that stops making a sound connection for no real reason lol. I bought an Anker 10 ft lightning cable for my wife relatively cheap over a year ago and it still works great. Would recommend just buying a 10 footer personally.

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A 10 foot cable seems a bit excessive, but I do have a couple of 6 foot cables and I love them. They’re perfect when I’m just hanging around the house.

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In my experience, extension cables can be hit or miss for delivering a full 1 amp charge. I would go with the 10 ft cable if you can, unless you need to charge different devices and want to be able to swap out the cable connected to the extension cord.

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My dad just bought a 10ft cable, and it’s made a huge difference for him. I have a few 6ft cables, and I would love to upgrade to a 10. I think that, if you already had a USB extension cable, you could use it to try the length out, but if you are deciding between the two, I’d just get a 10ft cable. That way, you have a spare cable (your current one), and you don’t have to worry about tension on the cable unplugging the extension, power loss, or any of the other compromises an extension might give you.

For me it’s worth it since i share a room and have bunk beds it reaches down to the power outlet i don’t need an extension cord it might depend on how you are going to use it

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Buy the Anker cable. You’ll love it!!

Personally I’d buy the Anker 10ft Powerline+ II, as with an extension you have a chance that it or the Apple cable will fail but with Anker you get that unprecedented LIFETIME guarantee should it ever fail.

I’d buy an Anker cable, the braided cable is useful when it is that long. Ensures that it will last long. I have the 6ft cable and it is perfect, still have it.

I like the 6ft better

The 6ft is definitely more manageable most of the time, but there are definitely times that I wish I had the extra 4ft.

I feel like I should make a joke about that, haha but I’ll refrain.

Op, go with the 10ft because when you use an extension you have power loss and lose any or all ability to charge your device quickly. Plus you also have multiple points for failure and you don’t want that headache. Stick with the right cable for the right job and you will be more satisfied.

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I would get the 10ft cable as it would give a direct charge to your device unless if you use an usb extention cable