Ir lights

Hi would the eufycam work with an external invisible ir light?
940nm I have read other cams use which aren’t visible to the naked eye
I have also read that the ir filter in some cameras block this light so it wouldn’t work

Anyone tried it?
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical will it work?


I’ve been looking into IR floodlights so once I get a few I can test them with the eufycam and eufy video doorbell.

I know you have to get the right level or something like that (I don’t know what I’m talking about).

When you get them make sure to let me know, because I’ve been thinking about getting some for my doorbell.

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External IR flood lights will absolutely work. The 940nm flood lights will work but not as well as 850nm. The 850nm while visible at the light source perform better because they put out a wider spectrum of infrared light.
I guess it really depends on how dark the subject will be at night and whether there is already a light source.

Be sure to purchase the extended warranty infrared lights run hot and I have had 2 burn out on me right after the warranty expired.

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850nm where what I am looking at trying out. I have a large area I want to cover so I am looking into a few different options.

Hello! @Haloweenhamster Yes, the eufyCam can work with an external invisible IR light. It is available to rely on infrared light from the outside world, but the effect is not good, and there might exist issues like uneven brightness, which can affects the image quality. Thank you!