Ipod not working with Soundcore 2

I 've just received my Anker Soundcore 2, but when I connect the speaker to my ipod generation 5 with the 3.5 cable that came with anker, there’s no sound from the speaker. The headphone connection on the ipod is working fine, and I turned up the volume on the ipod.

Speaker was powered up ok. And works perfectly with the laptap via bluetooth.

I can’t figure why there’s no sound from ipod via 3.5 cable. Has anyone had this problem?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @cathmcca , sorry to hear your having issues with your SoundCore 2. I would suggest trying a separate aux cable and to make sure that the cable is securely connected at the SoundCore end (which should switch the SoundCore to aux input mode). It’s also worth using the volume buttons on the SoundCore as another test, to make sure volume on the unit itself is not low.

If you are still having issues after trying this I would suggest you contact support@anker.com with your serial and troubleshooting steps taken for further assistance under your warranty.


I have noticed that there is two separate volumes, 1 for bluetooth connection and 1 for auxiliary. Try plugging the device in and turning the volume up afterwards. But as @ndalby mentioned also try this with a different cable to help rule that out if still an issue reach out to support@Anker.com with your order number and serial number as well as steps you have taken to help expedite a warranty claim