iPhone XS/Max & XR still no fast charger included


Any thoughts on Apple not including a fast charger with their new at least 1,000$ phone?

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This is how apple became a trillion dollar company, by nickle and diming everyone. And it’s only going to get worse because people keep allowing apple to do so and get away with crap like this


As long as people keep buying a $20-35 USB-C to Lightning cable + $40 30W brick directly from Apple, I doubt they’ll start including them with iPhones any time soon. Shoot, earlier this week, I saw that the headphone dongle is their top selling product (in terms of volume), so it’s no surprise that they aren’t including those now.

Given the quality of the charger & cable that they include with their phones now, I’d bet that the in-box fast charging options would be junk, too (compared to what we’re used to with Anker, anyway).

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I’ve said it once & I’d say it again :laughing:

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Apple is Apple!
As long customers are crazy about their products the can do what they want.:
Selling items for incredible high prices and adding no accessories.

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When will people learn?



With the new iPhones they have also stopped supplying the lightning to headphone jack adapter as well. £9 if you wanna buy one direct from Apple :grimacing:

I’ve never taken the plug out of the box because I want to keep the original to sell on with the phone.

That might change if it was a fast charger through :grin:

That’s because now it’s their#1 selling accessory.

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