iPhone XS Max Phone Cases

I am looking to buy an iPhone XS Max (don’t ask!). Before buying it, I always like to have a first rate outstanding protective case that the new phone can immediately be housed in for safe-keeping. In the past 6 years I have purchased Anker cases as, in my experience, they offer outstanding protection and durability at a competitive price.

So my question is, when will Anker produce a case for the new iPhone that offers unrivalled protection for the expensive even overpriced iPhone XS Max?!


+1 for the question. I have an iPhone XS Max set to deliver on Friday, Sept, 21 and would love to protect it with your product. Looking forward to the reply by Anker.

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I thought ankers subsidiary were stopping making phone case.

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Personally, I’ve used one of these for 3 years, and now the Velcro is loose, but getting this as replacement.

Man Belt Holster Pouch Case, Universal Mobile Phone Belt Pouch Adjustable Nylon Outdoor Waist Pouch for iPhone X /8S Plus /7S Plus /6S Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3 S8 Plus+ Hengying Key Ring (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DBB2B42/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_bqLOBbYH4Z00H

I’ve had no issues and it’s very secure on your belt (doesn’t matter what sized belt either).

Also have an XS Max coming on Friday. Need a case, screen protector and wireless charger. I’m sure the charger will go on my Christmas list :yum:

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@amangons Mac that’s the same holster I use for my s9+ with a case on it. I also highly recommend it, perfect for that extra security so you dont drop your phone.
I had the plastic holsters break and snap so this was a great alternative

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Case: Hopefully releasing soon :crossed_fingers:
Screen Protector: https://amazon.com/dp/B07GXBLKVJ
Wireless Charger: https://amazon.com/dp/B07DBXNV58

Also curious, what colors did you all order? The new gold one? @andrewjmjohnston61 @jasonlensch @Oggyboy

Correct, Karapax no longer exists, but Anker it still seems possible that Anker releases cases for the new iPhones.

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@andrewjmjohnston61 @jasonlensch We’re not making any new cases for iPhone XS Max. But we do have some cases for iPhone X which are compatible to the new iPhone XS.

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Hi @joshuad11 I just went for the space grey.
I had the Jet Black last time and despite having a case on since it’s arrival there are many marks on it so steered clear of the gold.

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I also have been looking for the Anker(Karapax) Xs Max case I had the 8 then the X Karapax and loved them. Also, the screen protector is currently out of stock. And I got a Space Grey.

Thank you for the official reply. How could I be upset? Anker is by far the best company with your superior products and gold standard customer support I’ve ever come across. Best regards.

Thanks for your compliment. We will keep it up! :muscle:

I have just ordered Apple Silicone case for my new iPhone XS Max as Anker case is not available yet on Amazon.

Looking forward to see one of the best iPhone XS Max case from Anker soon.