iPhone x quickcharge

I know Anker makes some killer quickcharge chargers. Does anyone know if the new IPhone X will soon be supporting quickcharge as I will most likely be purchasing one in the near future? Thanks for the help!


iPhone X supports PD, not Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Anker sells the PowerCore+ 26800 PD that should be capable of delivering the fastest possible charge to your iPhone X.

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Ok. I am mainly wondering if anyone knows if Apple will make it QC compatible in the future.

Highly unlikely. Not only that, but there have been several lawsuit disagreements between Qualcomm and Apple recently, so they are trying to shift even the modems away from Qualcomm and all towards Intel.

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Ok that kinda sucks but they still should get a very fast charge from the PD

Should juice it up in no time at all :grinning:

And unfortunately, right now you’re stuck using Apple’s overpriced Lightning-to-Type C cable to take advantage of the fast charging. Eagerly awaiting the day Anker will have these.

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Apple will never get quickcharge capability. They just wont allow it. They hate eachother atm

Qualcomm Quick Charge requires a Qualcomm chipset. Apple uses other than Qualcomm chipset.

The iphone does well in benchmarks partly because of an expensive but fast chipset.

Wireless charging like Qi is not a chipset.

Also note that at present, the Oneplus5 DASH is the fastest and remains the fastest when using the phone as all the DC-DC conversion is done off-phone. But then it makes a proprietary cable and charger which Anker doesnt support.

So if you’re bothered about charging speed, don’t buy Apple.