iPhone X Plug In Home Button Dongle, would you buy one?!

iPhone X Plug In Home Button Dongle, would you buy one?!
How do you feel about manufacturers stripping away essential features of a phone and then selling the solution to the problem back to end user for a high price?!
If Anker made one, would you buy it?!
I am an Android user myself but I think it is interesting that phones and laptops are minimalist in design but in reality lack essential features that they used to have before they were stripped away!
Headphone jacks, USB ports, Expandable memory slots, HDMI slots, Home buttons , Ethernet slots ! the list goes on…

There are more phone choices than anyone could possibly need so you can pick the phone for you with the features you need.

A dongle is a sign of a person who did not know themselves. They bought a product with one feature set and then need a different feature set.

If that person who does not truly know their own needs, then there is the dongle, perhaps for the rarer odd need.

We are entering a period in 2018 of wireless charging and wireless buds which helps with waterproofness.

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What is the Home Button Dongle?

I think it’s an adapter for the iPhone X since that phone doesn’t have a home button i found this video for you https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D13CmIFTTqE

And here.

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I don’t want to spend extra money on features that have been cancelled.:joy:


I’m kinda puzzled and also surprised…

Puzzled as a number of people have jumped to the iPhone X for more screen real-estate sans home button and to fully embrace Apple’s new ‘flagship’ identification and security method…adding back on the home button via a dongle seems like a step backwards after paying a premium :confused:

Surprised that Apple didn’t come up with this first and they love dongles and charging a premium for access back to an old tech standard :laughing:

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Like @nigelhealy said there are plenty of phones on the market for a user to choose from, they know their needs so they should buy based off that. Sadly, we live in a world where status is key and people will buy the newest best thing regardless what that entails, just so others can view them ad hip or as having a higher social status than others.

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I don’t know any iPhone X owners that actually miss the Home button. Swiping up from the bottom is easy enough and Face ID works very well, so no dongle needed for me. :joy:


apple will kill its compatibility in 3.2.1


LG and Pixel both place the home button on the back, saves real estate and still affords the traditional feature. Im honestly a little surprised more dont do this, a phone without buttons removes almost all trouble shooting ability and is something I just couldnt purchase myself.

Excellent point but then this is Apple and they have a tendency to force new tech (mostly their own type) by removing access to the older tech (can be any type :grin:)…

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The dongle is not needed. The feeling of swiping is more natural than the button. The button is just there to show what is possible and to make money.

So I really like 6" smart phone screens but I also like physical home buttons, because I find the Samsung Galaxy virtual buttons are not always responsive. But you can’t always have your cake and it eat!

Bring back the Nokia 3310 :slight_smile:

On a serious note, I wouldn’t buy it as it defeats the purpose of having the flagship iPhone. Plus it looks like it would easily break/snap off, leaving the lightning connection stuck in iPhone.

That’s pretty much the problem with any dongle, it could break off and mess up your phone/laptop!

Yea my coworker had to get a new moto z force because he was using the usb c dingle to headphone adapter and his snapped off

good one. I like this one

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… agreed but also any cable.

I bust more laptops with stepping and walking past the power lead …

corded headphones to phones, yanks the phone …