iPhone X Charging Case

Just wondering when Anker is planning on releasing a charging case for the iPhone X? I would find it very useful. Thoughts?

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They probably won’t. The iPhone x was produced in relatively small numbers and will soon be discontinued.


Hi @q111, as far as I know, we don’t have plans on developing a charging case for iPhone X at the moment. Sorry! :sweat_smile:

i bought a cheap one on amazon for like 20 bucks on a lightning deal, works good but not anker…
alclap was the brand

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I have heard they might be discontinued but its not for sure. I think that Apple might make an update to it instead of discontinuing it. But, a charging case is a great idea!

They will probably keep the form factor for the next gen, though.

But instead of buying a charging case, I would rather buy some Qi chargers to leave at home and at work so I could have it topped. And, of course, carrying my trusted Anker portable charger of choice just in case.

Apple is definitely not getting rid of the form factor, but I doubt it will still be called the X, they will begin a new naming scheme most likely. So, when you look at it as a model, and not the form factor, the X will discontinue as it is.

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