iPhone X Battery Case

When will you be coming out with an iPhone X battery case?

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Hmmmmm I’m not sure they will. They never made a Plus size battery case which always disappointed me but be nice to know.

I can’t upgrade my phone until next year but love the iPhone X

Let the iPhone X launch first haha. I heard it will be pretty hard to get ahold of one at launch…

Don’t forget to preorder the iPhone X tonight! :wink:

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We can make iPhone X Case.:joy:

As far as I can tell, the only battery case you’ve ever made is the one for the iPhone 6/6s, yet it’s the best battery case I’ve found.
I had my Anker case until I bought the iPhone X a few weeks ago. Since you don’t have a case for it yet, I bought the Alleasa case, but it’s a brick! …thick and heavy. I’d REALLY, REALLY like it if you came out with an iPhone X case (just like the iPhone 6 model) and SOON! I look forward to your reply. :slight_smile:

Haha OK. If we innovate it, I will let you know!