iPhone X + 5-Port USB-C charger


So I bought a 5-port USB-C charger (the one with 4 A ports + 1 C port).
I’m very happy with it, but I was disappointed to find it it doesn’t quick charge my GoPro HERO 5.

But, now I’m wondering. Since I got an iPhone X and I know it won’t fast charge with the included power adapter…
Most people will have to buy the Apple USB-C one to achieve this.
But I thought, hey, I already have a pretty great Anker one with a C port and Qi compatible! Maybe that will do the trick and save me a few bucks on another Apple accessory?

So… community gurus!
What say you? Yay or nay?



Yay I would say.

As the charger can output 29w from the USB-C port, it meets Apple’s criteria for fast charging to 50% in 30 minutes (29w, 61w or 87w power adapters).

If it is the PowerPort+ 5, the Amazon listing says it is incompatible with USB-C to Lightning cables.

Haven’t noticed it on the Amazon pages. Which one are you looking at?

A few people have mentioned that it is listed by both Apple as supported and a few have used it for charging the iPad Pro 12.9" (based on Amazon Q&A’s)…

Do it! I definitely do not think that you will have any problems.

I know it was on there before, but it looks like they’ve taken it off. There’s still this, though:

Yep noticed that, probably recommended due to USB-A standard beng less prone to compatibility issues, even with higher speed charging via PowerIQ etc

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm if compatibility issues are still present with a genuine Apple lead?

I don’t have an Iphone X atleast for several months… so I cannot be 100% here. However, I got the Anker PowerPort 5+ USB C https://www.anker.com/products/variant/PowerPort%2B-5-Ports-USB-C-/A2053111 So here is my observation:

  • It could charge phone with USB PD compatible, (LG G5)
  • You need to use USB C to USB C that is compatible with USB PD to charge. Don’t use adapter USB C to USB-A in the charging line.
  • In the case of the iPhone 8, you need Apple USB-C to lightning USB C to Lightning Cable 1 m - Apple. I think 95% that it will quick charge the iphone8.
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Hi @GM_Rod,

If you use a qualified USB-C Lightning cable to connect the 5-port USB-C charger, I think it would quick charge your iPhone X.

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