⚠️🚧iPhone user beware Major FaceTime bugs🐛🐜


Omg that is so creepyyyyy

Right‽ I don’t have an iPhone but I would definitely disable FaceTime until the bug is fixed.

I would never want anyone to call me ever like if they could hear me before I answer. Then they would hear all of my dumb thoughts that I say outloud

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I’m gonna tell you the conspiracy. I want to warn you before hand I don’t necessarily believe this story, but this is how it goes. I should probably start at the beginning…

First off, the world exists as a one world government, it’s all just one big country decided into sub-states. They have lied to you to make you think differently. They use this to hide many secrets they otherwise couldn’t.

The government owns/has deals with many large brand (like Samsung, Apple and amazon) and is using these to listen and spy on everyone with these products in there homes. Through there cameras and microphones.

There’s has been some evidence of this coming out, but not quite enough to convince me. I hope you enjoy this conspiracy.


Yeah it’s a MAJOR oversight on apples part. Phone’s definitely should Not broadcast audio or video without user permission.

Glad I don’t have iPhone. Not like Android is much better but still…

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I’m on my 3rd iPhone model and have never used FaceTime, but I disabled it when I read about this bug earlier today.

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Oh man that’s day one stuff. I’ve been in the conspiracy game ever since I saw enemy of the State with Will Smith.

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Don’t forget Eagle Eye and F&F franchise with God’s eye as both movies bring to light stuff that’s available now

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Unfortunately the problem is only going to get worse as technology improves. Good thing I’m not a criminal it would be too stressful especially knowing all the ways that you could be monitored.

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Wow! Some people that thought they were friends might not be if they hear “Oh it’s this ***hole again!” Pretty scary!

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I’ve been hearing about this bug - it’s terrifying to think about. I’ll be keeping Facetime disabled until this is fixed. Glad the news is being spread around though!

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Runs and calls the hubby :stuck_out_tongue: Wow, that’s scary. iPhones have FaceTime? JK. I think I’ve only used it once in all the years that FaceTime has been out and that was just to see what the hoopla was all about.


:joy::joy::joy: I guess he passed the test.

I wonder how long Apple has known about this problem and how long the bug has been active.

For a trillion-dollar company they sure are sloppy.

Apple’s r&d department

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Hey I wouldn’t worry about that :rofl:… I own a Huawei mate 20 pro and according to what you read half of China is listening and reading my stuff :rofl:


Can’t say I’ve ever used it despite my past two phones being iPhones (my next is unlikely to be an iPhone for different reasons)…most likely something to do with the changes they made in iOS 12 for group FaceTime and the such…

Fortunately, I don´t have an Iphone :joy:

Basically everyone is listening to anyone and everyone