iPhone SE or OnePlus Nord?

The initial feedback is in for the new OnePlus Nord. With a couple of small exceptions, the OnePlus has superior specs for a same/lower price than the iPhone.

I have been on OnePlus from the One, Two, 3T, 6 and then skipped 6T, 7, 8, as the price went from the original $300 to a ridiculous price approaching $1000. I don’t use a phone that much to justify the $$$, I’d rather spend $$$ on a more useful tablet or laptop.

My > 2 year old OnePlus 6 is dying gracefully, battery is dropping faster and Wifi and Bluetooth is less reliable, but I’m waiting til more serious issues before I spend $.

Anker does not support the OnePlus Dash charging type (which is fair, I don’t like proprietary) so technically iPhone’s 18W PD is more Anker aligned than what a OnePlus would do of default to 10W.

If my phone was to die today, I’d pick the OnePlus as its superior in most ways. So what would you buy now and why?

  • iPhone SE 2020
  • OnePlus Nord
  • Don’t want to buy anything right now (happy with current phone)
  • Want to buy other … (name)

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Here’s how I look at it.

OnePlus Nord Pros

  • better battery
  • better screen
  • android
  • USB-C (30w)

iPhone SE Pro

  • better processor
  • better camera (yes I know it’s a single lens, but it still far outperforms Nord in terms of quality)
  • iOS
  • wireless charging
  • longer software support (OnePlus does a great job with this as well, but they generally still have 1 year less then iOS support does).

If I were buying one today, I would go with the Nord as I already have an iPhone (an android phone to go with would be nice).

If I didn’t have a phone and needed a new one, I think the SE is a better all rounder (most notable because of the processor and longer software support

I think I would go with the Nord since it’s an Android phone and I’m used to Android. I do think iPhones have better software support in the long run though

My > 2 year old OnePlus is still getting updates every couple of months. I’m less bothered about that for a phone as the phone physically dies for me around 3 years old anyway, ever since they glued phones tight with a battery you can’t replace.

The only time I got really annoyed with non-updates was a Moto G4 Play, got 1 year support, had a replaceable battery so the support died before the phone did. For this Nord, I’d expect the opposite, so good enough.

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The iPhone 6S launched in fall of 2015, and will have support until the fall of 2021. So 6 year software support.

From what I’ve read, OnePlus phones get anywhere from 3-5 years of support? Accurate?

I usually have my iPhones last longer then 2 years (three years at a minimum).

If you had 3 years support, to match phone life, then that’s sufficient?

I did prefer phones with replaceable batteries and SD cards, as both allowed to carry a spare battery and to buy lower cost phones and move your SD card, but both ideas have been squeezed out, so we now have glued in everything, so I doubt people have phones now > 3 years with good battery life and want to keep, so I doubt > 3 years support need is that common?

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If I were buying one for myself and not today (so maybe in a couple years), I would buy the Nord. But since we have 4 phones in our family and we are used to iPhone for a few years now, I would buy the 11 or XR instead of the SE. We used our CPO iPhone 5 for 2 years and have been using our iPhone 7 for about 2.5 years so hoping to use for until end of next year at the very least

The three years generally entails me destroying it by shattering the screen or something. 4 years if it’s taken care of. But yes, you don’t really need longer support then that.

I think that a new small portable fast storage needs to be created and made mainstream, and it should be implemented into all phones.

So a tad bigger then MicroSD, but way faster (like a tiny m.2 drive in a sense). Upgradable fast storage would be really nice.

Hey @professor
Personally I don’t like the concept of this iPhone, an old phone with some “new bits”
But as you say, you don’t use a phone much.
So I’d make a list of the features you do use and find a match at the right price.
If you don’t want to go flagship I feel the Samsung Galaxy A51 is hard to ignore which currently bounces between £268 and £279 on Amazon. Or maybe last years Samsung Galaxy S10 - flagship specs at a more palatable cost.
But as I’ve said, it’s more about the features you need rather than the ones you don’t!

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I think with the prices on high end phones (mostly Samsungs) a 2 year software support is a slap to the face.

It is true that we can’t change batteries on the go like the we used to but if you have a faulty or old battery you can replace it (I think it goes for $250 but if you take it to a certified place you can still have the water and dust proof).

Granted, most people don’t keep phones for many years anymore (me included) but that shouldn’t be a factor on the software support, considering you are gotta pay a good bit to get a high end Samsung phone.

And Sd card support is one of the main reasons I stick with Samsung :+1:

Late to the discussion… I already have iPhone 11 Pro, and a S9 which is up for upgrade, and looking for an Android, jus to experience more Android features as well as a backup phone.

Decided for Google Pixel 3a (I know it does not have wireless charging) and got it yesterday.

So far, Happy with it, love the Call Screening and Android 10 (will test new features soon)

So answering the question on the post -

If my phone was to die today,

I’ve already picked up Google Pixel 3a - for Best Android Experience from Android creator / platform developer without any bloatware and friendly with Pocket :blush:

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Hey @Shenoy
I’d never thought about the Pixel range of phones.
The 3a and 4 look pretty decent in paper.

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Hey @Shenoy
So how the Pixel 3 going after a months use?

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There’s the Pixel 4A now and in many ways it’s now the one to pick, better support, better camera (software, not hardware).

I’m very pleased to see the insanely higher phone prices come back to reasonable levels. It is only a phone!

If my 2 year old Oneplus6 broke today, I’d get the Pixel 4A. But until then, something better may happen.

I’d rather the phone be smaller and spend money on a better tablet which can do more and better things.

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@paulstevenewing Pixel 3a is a good phone, do miss the DeX but this works, can take nice pics on it… now when I speak to my Google home mini … Pixel responds back… :wink:

it is still my backup phone, 11Pro is the primary

@professor I feel, could have waited some more and got the Pixel 4a… now i will not get that phone since Pixel 5 is already making some waves :wavy_dash:

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Great news then @Shenoy

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