iPhone issue: Roav VIVA always going back to Apple Music after phone call

After a phone call, the VIVA will always go back to Apple Music and not what I was listening to through Alexa. This is a major issue. And when you tell ask Alexa to play what you were listening to, it says it cannot because another app is using the audio. I would then have to interact with the app again to make it work. Major annoyance and deal breaker and not hands free or safe.

I’ve been using the VIVA from day one on iOS and I’ve never ran into this issue, so I can assume it’s something to do with your settings, I doubt it’s faulty but you can contact @AnkerOfficial for any ideas or possible warranty exchange.

Do you connect your iPhone to your car via USB? The head unit on some cars can send a “play” command to a connected iPhone/iPod after a phone call, in which case it will invoke the iPhone’s default Music app. If that’s case, are you able to try connecting your iPhone via Bluetooth instead to see if it helps?

I am connecting via Bluetooth. It is a Mazda CX-5. It always goes to the default Apple Music when i am on the Bluetooth input.

Just put mine in my 2014 Rav4 connected by BT to an IPhone 7. It goes to Apple Music all of the time. Very irritating. Not just after calls but after answers from Alexa. Please FIRMWARE update!!!

I also think this needs fixing. I had a navigation app that woulld send the turn signals over BT even when I listen to radio, not sure why roav cant do this. Siri does it as well so it should be possible. As soon as I press aux for my car it plays apple music and that is annoying.