iPhone 8 Plus charging times & is Quick Charge worth it?

I’ve mentioned on a couple of other posts that I’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus (from an SE). My only complaint for the first week or so was that it charged slow when using Apple’s charger & cable, so I did a very unscientific test. Using the Apple charger & cable, I went from 14% battery to 97% in about 150 minutes (started at 6:50pm, ended at 9:20pm). Then I used a PowerPort Elite II with a PowerLine+ II (6’), and I went from 15% to 97% in roughly 90 minutes. After an hour with the Anker products, the phone was already up to 84%.

Needless to say, the Apple charger is in the closet and I’m only using the cable when I need to sync with iTunes on my laptop. Personally, I think using the PowerPort & PowerLine worth great, but I’m curious if anyone out there thinks it’d be worth it to go with Quick Charge. (Full disclosure, my biggest road block is giving Apple even more money for a Lightning to USB-C cable after spending what I did on the phone.) Any thoughts and/or discussion is welcome.

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Why can’t you use the Anker cable for that? Or do you just choose not to?

In terms of going with quick charge, I would just because I’m into that kind of thing. :laughing: Do not buy the Apple 29W power adapter, though. Instead, get this from Anker. Of course, there’s no way around having to buy the USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple, but some good news is that Apple recently cut the price $5, so now it cost the same as their regular Lightning cable. I will also say that their USB-C to Lightning cable is much higher quality than the one that is included in the box. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I could, but I had placed the Apple cable with my external hard drive and I just haven’t switched it up.

Thanks for the tips. There was no way I was going to buy Apple’s charger–I’ll always go with Anker whenever possible!


I haven’t got Apples charger out of the box for the last 4 iPhones we’ve bought in this house :grin:
Totally rubbish. Anker all the way :ok_hand:


Yup, go anker charger all the way. If you look at the specs, a lot of apple chargers charge at 5V 1A which takes forever. Some newer ones charge @ 5V 2.5A, and if your lucky you have one of apples 12w chargers which will charge the best compared to the other charger bricks they have. But aside from that, Anker has and can provide all your charging needs so stick with any of their offerings


It wasn’t too bad with the SE, especially just charging overnight, but with the 8 Plus? Complete garbage.


I’ve at least made an attempt to use everything that came in the box, except for the headphone dongle. That thing is still attached to the cardboard it came with.

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The Apple iPad usb chargers fast charge the iPhone 8plus. I also have a anker fast charger I don’t remember what one, but it doesn’t charge any fast then the iPad one. That dinky one that comes with the iPhone is crap though.

The iPad chargers provide a faster charge, but still aren’t as fast as the PowerPort II PD + USB-C to Lightning cable combination!