iPhone 7

It’s been a week since the ship date of the iPhone 7 so I was wondering if anyone got their hands on it yet.

I’ve read a few articles and it seems like the biggest improvements are the cameras, stereo speakers, water resistance, and the new finishes. However, its appearance didn’t improve much over the 6, the new A10 doesn’t feel much faster than the older chip, and the removal of the headphone jack is just inconvenient.

Feel free to share your insights on the iPhone 7.

I was a little surprised by the number of people upset by the removal of the headphone jack. Since Bluetooth headsets and speakers are very affordable now, I’ve been using Bluetooth exclusively. So the headphone jack has become somewhat irrelevant for me.


I miss the headphone socket as I often fall asleep in bed with the headphones in and although I feel totally comfortable about rolling onto the phone with regular headphones in, I don’t feel so comfortable with lightning headphones in as i think it will break the lightning connector in the phone. Bluetooth headphones are either uncomfortable to wear while your ear is on your pillow or too fragile. I have found a great little gadget on amazon, a bluetooth reciever which costs £12.99 and I can plug a regular pair of headphones into it and it becomes a bluetooth enabled headphone which lets me use my normal bed time headphones again.

The other downside of bluetooth headphones is that the battery dies and then you have to recharge them before being able to use them again. Another downer of the iphone 7 is that when you are using the lightning cable headphones, you cannot charge the iphone.

Seeing that Apple are unlikely to go back to using a headphone socket, it’s put up or shut up, unfortunately I can’t go android because i’m too heavily invested in the app store so I will have to get used to it, but it is a pain.

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Got my iPhone 7+ in Jet Black this past Friday. Its a major upgrade for me as I came from an iPhone 5S so the dual camera and new home button are pretty cool new features. And Jet Black just looks stunning in person, although it is a major finger print magnet.

Cava, the jet black is a wonderful thing to behold, I got the matt black because i was put off by Apples own statement that it gets scratched really easily. If you’re hating the lightning headphones which seem to have got thinner cables that their 3.5mm counterparts, I can recommend a bluetooth reciever that converts your normal headphones into bluetooth ones. I can’t attest to the quality because I only use it for games, streaming tv and youtube which I find are fine, but if you are a music afficiando then the quality might not be good enough. I got mine on amazon for £12.99 and see that they are selling today for £10.99, which is a . I wish Anker would sell something like this because I know it would be better quality than the unknown brand that I’m using.

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Have to admit I do quite like the new iPhone 7, Got the upgrade programme so it should be great to swap it in a years time for the new iPhone (7S?).

It’s different, sure it lacks a headphone jack but the only inconvenience that has for me is when I’m travelling and need to charge my phone but usually a quick blast with the Anker PowerCore battery usually gets it high enough for me to enjoy some music for a while that I’m not too bothered by the lack of AUX.

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Honestly, the iPhone 7 is great. The only thing I see missing is better battery life and a fast charger included.

It’s a good phone although unless money isn’t an issue or you absolutely need to get one, I’d say wait for next years iPhone, it’s rumoured to be what the iPhone 7 should have been if Apple were not holding back so that they can release a spectacular 10th anniversary iPhone next year.