iPhone 7 SlimShell Pro - Can't lay phone face down?

I recently purchased the Anker SlimShell Pro iPhone 7 case to protect my phone until Anker releases an iPhone 7 battery case. I’d considered the (very attractive) official Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case, but the Anker case is much more affordable ($16 vs $45) and appeared to be relatively similar. Even though the Anker case is made of PU leather instead of real leather like the Apple case (which is why it’s so much cheaper) it still feels great in my hand, and it provides more grip than the Apple case does. My only problem with the case is that the sides aren’t raised enough to enable me to place the phone face down on a table.

Per the product’s Amazon listing: “Raised front rim safeguards your iPhone 7’s screen when placed face down.”

This isn’t actually true, at least not on the case that I received. The rim on the left side is above the screen (very slightly, but enough to prevent the screen from touching the table if laid face down), however on the right side the rim is about even with the screen. When placed face down I can wobble the phone, indicating that it’s uneven.

Does it sound like I have a defective case? One of the three reviews currently on Amazon mentions that their case doesn’t raise above the screen either, so it sounds like that’s just the way the case was designed.

I do really like how slim the case is, and as I mentioned before how grippy it is, but I don’t like the idea that if I drop my phone and it lands face down the screen will hit the ground before the case does…