iPhone 12 in leather case unable to hands-free talking

Ii is impossible to talk hands-free with the iPhone 12 in the Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger 10W because the microphones are completely covered.

I would take it out and talk.:grinning:

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Can you not put it in landscape?

You can always turn the phone so that the mic is at the top and not at the bottom of the charger

It seems that this should have been taken into account even before purchasing this case.

Landscape: is not an option, because it must be vertical to use face id

Upside down: is not an option, because iOS apps normally don’t rotate upside down

Taken into account before purchase: This is not the point. I bought this as i owned an iPhone 11 pro which has a different form and there was no issue. After switching to iPhone 12 pro, the issues started because of its shape it covers the microphone

For me it works when i put 2 small pieces of matches at the rest. The resulting gap makes the microphone work without issues. Anker should consider to slightly modify the design to ensure working microphone while loading.

Hopefully they release a better version of it