iPhone 11Pro Max Overheating on PowerWave

I have a new iPhone 11 Pro Max and a new PowerWave wireless charger. It worked as expected for two weeks and now, for the past two nights, the phone has overheated and stopped charging. There has been no change in the set up of the charger.

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Hi, this is Anker Customer Support.

We are really sorry that the new PowerWave wireless charger does not work properly. Please let me know if these troubleshooting tips are helpful:

  1. Try to remove the phone case before charging
  2. What wall charger are you using?

If the issue persists, please contact us via email support@anker.com.


Apologize again and thanks for your time.

Could be a defective charger.
I am sure the fantastic support will help you immediately.
ANKER’s support is really the BEST!

Hey @Michael_Gort
In sure you’ve tried but thought I’d mention it.
Have you tried charging the phone on another wireless charger and also charging with a wired charger (not wireless)?
Just to eliminate a fault with the charging circuit or battery in the phone.

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… and check if there’s a bad app consuming a lot of power.