iPhone 11 Pro / IPad Pro 12.9”


I own iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro 12.9” from 2018. I’m looking at getting a portable power bank which can best support both. By my own fault, I somehow ended up ordering the Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh and PowerPort+ 1 with QC .

Once it arrived I stupidly realized they are all usb plugs. Is this really the best Anker product to support the latest apple products?

Do I now need to buy additional connectors or should I return the product, pay for shipping and buy a different product? Any help is greatly appreciated!


I too have an iPad 11 Pro and you need, at the very least, an 18W PD battery/charger. I would go for the 45W PD because if you plan on using a hub that hub will consume some of that power. A 30W PD charger will work too.

Anker 30W PD Portable Batt

Anker 45W USB-C Portable Batt


I have these and use it for my iPad!
Electjet Powerpie
RavPower 61W USB-C Charger


If you like the 45W Powercore bundle but not its price, you probably don’t have to wait long for the commonly discounted $120, but probably wait a long time for its lowest of $90.

Do consider 30W to save some money as, by definition, the Powercore is with you, simply connect it for longer.

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