Ipad Pro 10.5 fast charging

First I love anker products and their quality. I bought the Power Port Plus Desktop PD charger with USBC port and 4 USB ports. I plugged in my Ipad pro to the USBC with a lightning USBC cable and it didn’t work. I plugged in my regular USB cable to the regular USB slot and my Ipad charged and substantially faster speeds than the regular Anker chargers. My Ipad gained 40% of charge in about 30 minutes… a full charge would take about 75 to 90 minutes. This doesn’t make sense to me since I thought the ports were at 12 watts. I’m not complaining, but i would like to see a regular PD wall charger with this capability.

@bobk are you using a certified usbc to lightning cable from Apple? Or is it a 3rd party aftermarket?
Some aftermarket cables cannot sustain or output the required power to utilize power delivery hence why it doesn’t work. The power port is designed to prevent excess current and detect fault as to not damage your device.
With that said, it also has power iq technology and voltage boost to measure and determine the fastest way to charge your device, so it can still charge when using a proper cable capable of handling the current and power output


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