iPad Camera Connection Kit Alternatives

I have recently purchased a Rode NT-USB Microphone and to use this with my iPad, I have to purchase a Camera Connection Kit (Lighting connection and USB) at a cost of £39.00.

I have looked on the Anker site to see if they offered an alternative but to no avail. I do not want to purchase the cheap ones that are offered on various websites, which Apple products tend to reject.

Can anyone suggest an alternative that would work and that is cheaper? I am based in the UK.

@joshuad11, @ndalby, @nigelhealy, @TechnicallyWell, any suggestions?:smile:

When there is no Anker version, this is one of the instances where I would actually go with the Apple version as the knockoffs I could find have less than favorable reviews. Although it costs more, you’re at least assured that a genuine Apple connector will most likely be compatible with future iOS versions.


Fully agree, the extra cost at the beginning will save you in the long run from second rate knock-off versions which either fail due to the build quality or because of updates to the iOS ecosystem.


Agree with @TechnicallyWell and @ndalby

To help with the price a tad, you may consider checking eBay for a used one :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks for your answers. Greatly appreciate your time and advice. Apple it is then.