iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Hi All, I’ve got to buy 2 keyboard cases for my girls for Christmas and I was wondering if anyone had this one and what they thought about it?

Anker® Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard Cover for iPad Air 2 / Air/New iPad 9.7"(2017)Bluetooth Ultra-Slim with 6-Month Battery Life Between Charges and Comfortable Low-Profile Keys (White)

Looking at the pictures I can’t quite tell if it actually sticks together (which is what I’d prefer) or if it splits back into a tablet and keyboard

The other option is this on but it says for iPad Air 2 only. I didn’t think there was much difference between the original Air and iPad Air 2

Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 [ONLY] — Smart Case with Auto Sleep / Wake, Comfortable Keys and 6-Month Battery Life (Not Compatible with iPad Air / iPad Pro 9.7 / New iPad 9.7" (2017))

Anyone got any info?


I had something similar but from another brand with my previous iPad. Yeah, I didn’t know nker at that time…
I have to say that having a physical keyboard with the iPad is a real gain in usability.

Mine was similar to the second one you posted, embedded in a (fake) leather casing.

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@Oggyboy I have used a similar case to the Ankers and it didn’t stick to the ipad. It was separate, but the one we had would allow you to close the ipad with it so the screen was protected. We no longer have it because my wife gave it away

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Anyone know if it’ll work with the 2016 9.7” iPad Pro? Or if they can recommend a really good one for me it would make it so much easier than keep using the touchscreen

I’ve got a similar one to the 2nd for my iPad Pro and I like it because it’s all together and all round protection.

Not sure I want the kids to have a naked iPad so to speak. Would prefer a similar cased one for them.

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Always stuck with the Folio style case myself, battery life on the keyboard is excellent and when paired with the glass screen protector it ticks all my boxes for protection.

As for the ultra slim, it uses the magnetic smart cover system. Following YouTube video gives a good overview;


Cheers for the video. Seems like a good bit of kit. Just not sure the kids are gonna look after it properly or that it will protect their iPads enough.

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I’ve used one of those - not from Anker - but it didn’t work for me. What got me was the fact that the keyboard added extra weight even when I didn’t need it. So I went for a slim but sturdy case, and a separate keyboard - the Logitech Keys2go.

If your kids won’t need much typing, an integrated keyboard will only be added weight.

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I agree. The problem with keyboard cases is that it tends to be bulky and cumbersome. I’d rather have a slim case and a keyboard on the side. I had a keyboard case from another brand and ended up ditching it after the initial package opening. I hated the way the keys would rattle, when the case was closed. Personally, I’d rather just carry an Apple wireless keyboard or similar for moments that I’ll need it. But other then that, I suggest just getting a slim and protective case without all the added weight and bulk.


Cheers guys. Lots to think about. I think because we’ve got one on the iPad Pro, they like it and want one. It also adds a perfect iPad stand so when they are watching endless hours of YouTube they have the perfect iPad view


I have an IPad Air 2 and went with the Logitech type plus as my case/keyboard. It was kinda expensive but the quality is superb. Didn’t know that anker made any nice IPad cases when i purchased mine otherwise I most likly would have gone with one of those.

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In the long run it is better to have a separate keyboard as then it can be used for anything and just have a slim cover for a tablet. Keyboard cases are unique to the specific tablet and make it bulkier, if you wanted bulkier then just buy a Chromebook and have trackpad.


Have to agree that the protection on these clamshell cases are by far the best

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Do they do a black version of the clamshell keyboard? I can only seem to find the white one on the UK Amazon site but not the biggest fan of white keyboards!

Not sure which would be considered the clamshell design, but they do make black keyboards. As noted in the video above. They also have slimline keyboards that can be used with anything

This. Keyboard cases make the iPad heavier. It’s better to get a folding keyboard in addition to a case.

Everyone has a different reason for these cases. I’m not worried about weight. I haven’t got to carry them, the kids do lol but they’ve seen mine and want one

In fact. They don’t leave mine alone :joy:

Folding keyboard?