iOS vs Android / Apple vs Samsung, LG, HTC, and Google... The Ultimate All-Time All-New Battle

Let’s start this one up. Get the shots a’firing. I will also provide input as we start to get more and more comments and people on the debate! Let’s get this party started… Good luck to all, both #teamapple and #teamandroid


see ya on the other side

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Alright… Android because of the complete custom look and feel. Apple for laptop and desktop. Apple phones just don’t do it for me. That damn single button. push to open push to close…
Not the fire phone (note 7) but Samsungs Galaxy S7, - Super Amoled screen, best camera best processor
Did a side by side with the LG V20, S7 was faster. HTC… naaah, Google Pixel… Love too run that phone.


I switched from samsung to LG…and honestly i love the interface of LG. Started with G4, V10 and now V20. Some may knock the second screen but it’s extremely useful. I use it for music…light…etc…easy to work.

I have only used Apple iOS products and so far I am satisfied but there are a lot of qualities of Androids that I would like, and I feel like they are having more advancements. I don’t like the iPhone 7 design.

Android has the headphone jack soooo


Nope. Not all Android phones do anymore.

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That’s right I’m going all the way with Apple iPhone. I believe they have the superior OS and device and features
About what you do with it is unmatched and many many
average phone users has not a clue of the scope of what
it can do or how to use and the many options you have.
On top of that when it comes to social media and apps support again unmatched. Now if ever would pick up and Android phone it would most definitely be Pixel made by Google and Microsoft is my.back up phone in the house.

To each their own… both brands are very useful, it really boils down to a personal decision.

You made some good points, but I don’t think iPhones have a better OS, just a more optimized one. Also, good thing Microsoft is just a backup haha. Average phone users… that’s true!

Yeah, and I wish Android phones still had IR blasters.

It all comes down to customization. One person mention something about controls… Apple has 1 button. Android has 1 with 2 virtual buttons. The only thing apple has over android is the security. We all found out how bullet proof that was when the FBI wanted access to a iPhone and Apple said… nope

iOS devices Three reasons. 1: security 2: way better apps. 3: Droids have to wait outside we serve there kind here. Lol.

This isn’t down to preference but personal ability.

Android phones are easily available for the same / better specifications for less than half the cost of Apple phones, so the only reason someone would wish to deliberately pay more are:

  • gullibility. “It is pretty, I like pretty, my opinion is what Apple told me to have” - but of course the gullible don’t know they are gullible, they just bought for reasons they don’t understand.

  • lack of mental acumen - Apple is certainly easier, its got far less customisation options so its learn once and you’re there. Now unlike gullibility where people don’t know they are gullible, people mostly do know they like because its simple as they struggle with more complexity.

So I’d expect the typical pro-Apple people to respond with “it simply works” type statements.

Personally, I see specs for a price and I pick on price. If Apple was lower price I’d buy it. It isn’t though, its a lot more expensive so I don’t buy it. The features etc are not relevant as both platforms work.

Now, Android people can be made to complain, they want to have the latest ROM and tweaks so they take a working phone and break it, so those who like Android for customisation often are complaining too.

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east OR the west :wink: Apple is the best! full stop…Nothing left to speak on this topic anymore as this is the reality hard as stone, rock solid…

:joy::joy: Eight years ago that was pretty true

Are you more excited for the next Galaxy S9 or the New IPhone 10? Tell me why below!

Interesting that I didn’t even get a notification of your reply… :thinking:

I’m more excited to see the folding phone supposedly called the Galaxy X (10). I have dreamed of having a folding phone or even a see through one like they have in the movie Real Steel

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I was a long-time Apple fan. I owned the original iPhone, the 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 6. And I also had an iPad 2 and now an iPad Air. It was great, except for the price, and the updates that would slow my devices down.

Then I switched to Android, with a OnePlus 5. And I have to say, I can’t go back to Apple anymore. Android stock on the OnePlus is a real pleasure to use. You have much more power to tweak your OS, and better customize it to your tastes.

And you get that for a fraction of the price of an iPhone :slight_smile:

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