iOS shortcuts for eufy security app

@AnkerSupport Can the next version of the eufy security app make use of the ‘Shortcuts’ feature in iOS please.


Would be helpful if implemented


Agreed - this would allow for example to use HomePod and HomePod mini as a doorbell chime for example or create automations for devices where HomeKit is tricky to deliver… (e.g. wireless video doorbell etc…)


When I leave home, I want to turn the eufy camera on, the lights off with one iOS shortcut. Please make the eufy app support this feature. Thanks a lot.

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Agree, I would like to use garage door opener and eufy cam shortcut. Would be great!


I would like to create an ios shortcut to trigger a homekit scenario and also switch security mode in Eufy Security app, but this app doesnt show up in Shortcuts app​:confused: Any ideas?:slight_smile:

My use case would be to turn on camera recording/alarm when iam at home and sleeping (homekit Good Night scenario active)

I would upvote to have Shortcuts integration for Eufy Security app😉

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YES, I need this too. I got two eufy cameras (one fixed position and one with pan-tilt) and I’m impressed with the picture quality. But, before investing any more money in the eufy product line I need support for iOS shortcuts/automations.

In particular, I want to be able to change the security modes (away, disarmed, home, etc) as part of an automation.

I also would love a Shortcut to trigger the siren of the Eufy 2k Indoor and deactivate it. This would come really handy for Alarm scenes