iOS 15 and PowerExtend cube

I just bought a couple of the PowerExtend Cube USB-C. Everything started out great, and my bedside is much simplified.

But: I updated my iPad to iOS 15, and now it won’t charge from the USB-C port on the Cube. I get a message “This accessory may not be supported” when I plug it in.

Any ideas?

The iPad still likes my nano II 30w charger just fine.


Hey @dickie
Just in case, did you try and different cable with the Cube?

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I have had that from time to time, and sometimes the charging port needs a cleanin’

Otherwise, look at the cable, as iOS devices are notoriously fussy for ones without a certain component, chip I think, so perhaps the iOS update drove the current cable used to be rendered phhht…

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@dickie Try a restart or hard reset of your iPad. Used to get this a few times on iPhone after an update, hard reset normally resolved the warning prompt.

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Thanks @ndalby, that did the trick. Just a normal power off and back on.