iOS 13 Battery Drain: 15+ Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer

Plus if then iPhone still runs out of juice… Then we have Anker Powercore Powerbanks with discounts available :grin::+1:



Ice way to promote Powercore :rofl:

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O, nice article, I’m definitely going to change those settings, but then again, I have many power banks to charge my phone. Thanks for the information!

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Great tips and some of them can also be used on Android

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Good information! Although, I find that iOS 13 already helps you save battery life by not allowing apps to ask for “Always” background location access by default (you must dig through the settings to specifically enable it) and by controlling Bluetooth access on a per app basis.

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of course, as Anker fans, need to promote Anker more :wink:

I used to do a lot of battery saving measures but … now that I own like a dozen Anker batteries, I don’t care as much. I have 2 Anker batteries in my backpack, 1 in the diaper bag, 1 on the coffee table, 1 on top of my dresser, 2 in my carry-on suitcase, and another half dozen in my office desk drawer.

Anyway, some examples of my battery “wasting” activities:
I leave my brightness around 90%. Often push to 100% when watching media.
I allow more apps to run in the background.
I fetch my mail every 30 minutes.


Well, that’s one way of looking at it… :+1:

This is what I’m doing now :rofl: Anker spoiled me by giving a PowerCore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: