iOS 13.3 unlocks 7.5W wireless charging for certain wireless charger

iOS 13.3 has a fix of:
“Addresses an issue where some wireless chargers may charge more slowly than expected”
Whether all Anker wireless charger will enjoy this advantage?



I don’t think Anker wireless chargers were affected by the bug, so there is no “advantage” to be had.
The newer Anker wireless chargers already charge at 7.5W.

I do recall seeing a few threads here when iOS 13 came out. I personally didn’t notice any slowdowns, but hopefully this helps those who did!

Good shout @5V_1A :+1:t2:
My phone didn’t indicate an update was available. :thinking:

Thanks for the update. I believe as others mentioned most of the Anker chargers work at the 7.5w

This Anker A2521 wireless charging stand has a graphic that says, “Phones with iOS 13.1 and above only support 5W charging.”

If they can remove that caveat, because they’re not affected, then they definitely should. I got the A2524 instead, since I wasn’t going to get 7.5W anyway. :-/

Have you tested using the Coconut Battery on Mac, mine wireless charger (another brand but it’s Qi-Certified) still shows connected to 6W charger.
The product’s description shows its support of 7.5W charging on iPhones

Actually, it’s iOS 13.1, where plenty of wireless charger’s power is limited to 5W except the one listed on the Apple Store.