IOS 11 - iPhone now says Anker cable not supported

I just went to buy 6ft iPhone charge cables but the comments on Amazon say with IOS 11, the phone says these cables are not supported. Will Anker address this? I love my Anker cables but if this issue is real, I will wait to buy until an update is out.

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I’m on iOS 11 and all of my Anker cables work. Which version do you have? I’ll check if I have one and see. But I have Powerline+ and + II, Dura and Powerline II and they are fine.

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I’ve seen similar messages on both Apple and non-Apple cables. Completing a force reset on your iPhone (home + power button until you get the Apple logo), often resolves. If this fails to resolve you could reach out to with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken for assistance under your warranty.


Thank you. I am just going to order the cables because I have confidence Anker will figure something out. I will try to fix you recommend if I see the message (which I have seen with non-Anker, non-iPhone MFi certified cables).

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@jsydneygoldman why don’t you do what @Oggyboy said any use cables known to work before ordering?


Most of the time, these error messages are caused by pocket lint stuck in the charging port. Cleaning it out with a toothpick or new toothbrush should correct it for both OEM and MFi-certified third-party cables.


What kinda plug are you using? I’ve had similar issue before with a cheap usb plug socket from eBay

You can buy with confidence, they work on iOS 11 ! At home, we have an iPhone 6, an iPad Air and an iPad Mini, all running iOS 11 !

Have bought around 3 of these cables for myself and my family - no issues at all with iOS 11.

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All anker lightning cables should work with iOS 11… it is probably the power source or the lightning port on your phone.

I have an issue with the power strip next to my bed. Regardless of which cable and charger I plug into this power strip, it will intermittently not charge. It will continually stop/start charging every few minutes… i have no problem when I plug these same cables & chargers directly into the wall.

On another note, I just received my powerline+ II lightning cable and it is a really well constructed cable. i definitely suggest considering buying this one, it is worth the investment.