Introducing the eufy Referral Campaign (UK)

We all know honest thoughts about a product you’re interested in by “word of mouth” from your friends are the best way to get an honest review. You get a sense of how the product fits into their life and have more chances to play with it first hand; you trust them.

At eufy, we truly believe customers are the best people to share the eufy story, so we’re launching our Referral Program.

Now, whenever your friends buy a RoboVac via your personal referral link, you’ll be rewarded with £20 cash from eufy as a thank you; earn up to £120! If you love how well RoboVac cleans, then you’ve probably told at least a few friends about how well your new robot vacuum performs.

With the 30-day money-back guarantee, new users get to try RoboVac out—and see how its automatic and hands-free cleaning fits into their daily life—for a full month.

At eufy, we’ve been making small home appliances to make life at home easier. So join us in making your friends and family’s lives, and decision-making processes, easier when thinking about adding RoboVac to their family. You’ll be helping them out and getting a nice reward in return.

To find out all the details, go to:


Might want to specify in the title this is for the UK


Nice giveaways for UK :heart_eyes:

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Lovely stuff for us U.K. folk :slight_smile:

That is a great win-win referral program for anker fans in UK.
@Macgyver15, @ndalby, @amangons, @k_pug2003 time to get your friends onboard.


Don’t know anyone who has spare 300 odd nicker, this time of year to spend on a robo-vac.

Even getting people to sign up via my sky code for £75 prepaid credit card only got 1 taker (and they get 75 nicker too).

Would have to buy one myself before I could recommend it. And like @amangons said it’s too close to Xmas to buy one just to recommend. But il check the expiry (if any) for the referral program.

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We launched the program one week ago, some participants already get their successful referrals.:grin:


Is there one for the USA?

This is great news @AnkerTechnical
Every anker fan spreading the word across the world :slight_smile:

The program is only for UK currently.


Darn, oh well…

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