Introducing Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition!

Just saw this on Amazon UK???

I’ve had a search and couldn’t find anything about it on here?

First question will be, does it work with Amazon Multiroom speakers like the Polk one???


This is awesome! :clap:

Pricing and Availability: Nebula’s Soundbar Fire TV Edition is available to pre-order now from for a cost of $229.99, and is scheduled to begin shipping on November 21. For reference, Soundcore’s Infini Pro retails for $249.99.

Features & details

  • FIRE TV EDITION: Nebula Soundbar - Fire TV Edition combines powerful 2.1 channel cinematic sound with the Fire TV experience.
  • DEEP BASS: Dual built-in subwoofers and our exclusive BassUp technology work together to produce intense low frequencies.
  • BIG SOUND: A 2.1 channel design immerses you in moment by combining 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers to create 100W of room-filling cinematic sound.
  • 4K HDR SUPPORT: Enjoy breathtaking picture quality with access to 4K Ultra HD streaming at up to 60fps, and support for Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+. A 4K TV is required to access 4K streaming.
  • ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: With the Fire TV experience built in, enjoy thousands of channels, apps and Alexa skills, including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, ITV Hub, All 4, Curzon, Amazon Music, Spotify and more. Subscriptions may be required.
  • ALEXA BUILT-IN: Use the included Voice Remote with Alexa to control your soundbar and compatible TV functions like power, volume, navigation and playback.

awesome find! @Noel_Taylor @Insider :clap:

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This was actually announced before by @Insider but the admins removed it because it wasnt ready to be anounced yet. Darn partnerships

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This was actually announced before by @Insider but the admins removed it because it wasnt ready to be anounced yet. Darn partnerships

Sorry @Insider I didn’t see that post, got to admit I haven’t been too active on here last couple of months, life has been ridiculously busy.

I have been doing some more reading and it looks like this is going to be compatible with Amazon multiroom audio, so I’m going to be ordering one of these. Unless @AnkerOfficial wants to get me one to test :blush:

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No need to apologize!

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Another thought though.

I always thought Nebula were projectors. Soundcore were speakers…

Slight blurring of the lines, especially given the new soundcore community announcement today…

The Verge released something about it today too! The Verge

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Looks like it could be good. I just hope the audio is worth it!

Nebula will also produce some products that can provide a better entertainment experience.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am so glad I am part of this community! This is the place for all new tech I didn’t know I wanted! Nebula huh? Makes sense with it being the Fire TV Edition.

I do like the look of this. Great to have the 2 devices merged.

Get mixing it up with AppleTV then :slight_smile:

Nice find!

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I need a new soundbar. I use stream movies from Amazon Prime. I think this might be a good option. Can’t to see the reviews for this new device.

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Why not throw in a Airplay support into the Nebula Soundbar? I know its easier said than done… but a roadmap would be good to see when this would be achieved

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nice form factor. Would really love airplay support so we can stream music directly from our phones…

This is so cool to see. What does FireTV support provide in a sound bar?

I imagine it’s just a built-in firestick. So basically like you have a firestick plugged in to the hdmi port but a little more seamless because you wouldn’t need two remotes.

I’d love to see a comparison video on both soundbars

I have the Polk Audio soundbar with built in Alexa, I wonder how it would compare to this with it having the fire stick and alexa. I know my soundbar I can ask alexa to play certain things and it does via Amazon Video, so I wonder how much different this would be