Introducing: GlassGuard for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch officially launched on March 3rd, with fanfare and fervor aplenty.

Designed to be used on the big screen, as well as on-the-go… taking your gaming further means the Switch is exposed to elements both inside the home and out.

To combat this issue, we’ve slapped on our best overall, moustache and Italian accent in order to help save the day (and maybe a Princess or two).

We’re delighted to reveal the brand new GlassGuard screen protector, designed especially for Nintendo Switch.

Anker GlassGuard comes in a two pack, boasting unrivalled stats:

● Premium tempered glass
● 99.99% transparency
● Anti-smudge, anti-scratch, and anti-glare properties.

And, as always our screen protectors come with a lifetime warranty to keep you gaming in pristine condition. Forever.

GlassGuard for Nintendo Switch can be pre-ordered from and, and starts shipping later this month.

We wouldn’t want to face Bowser (or come to think of it, the morning commute) without it.

Let us know what you think below, and share this post to let more Switch fans know…

We’re giving away a Nintendo Switch live on Facebook. Details will be announced at 17:00 PST on March 3rd. The winner will be announced Monday, March 6th - so you can still go back, watch the stream and enter the giveaway at a later date.

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Nice! I can’t wait for the release of Splatoon 2!


Oh lords I want one. Cause I defiantly can’t buy one at this moment. Hell cant even afford it for my birthday.


Youtuber JerryRigEverything just did one of his durability tests for the Nintendo Switch. The first test he always does is a mineral hardness test on the screen. Definitely a plastic screen.

Video Here

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So I received and email about pre-ordering the screen protectors. But now Amazon is saying it it unavailable. So is the pre-order window already over?

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So how do we actually pre-order these? I got the email but they are unavailable to even pre-order. Did they already sell out?

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Hi @nckfrtg28, sorry for the problem, we have created a new amazon listing, please pre-order it here:

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Hi @myunseenvisions, sorry for the problem, we have created a new amazon listing, please pre-order it here:

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nice new product Anker!!! :ok_hand:

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The Amazon link shows it being unavailable again, when will it be back?

After seeing some of the reviews of the Nintendo Switch I have to admit that the screen scratches much easier than you’d want. Thanks to Anker for considering a decent product as children will easily, scratch it.

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Is it officially certified by Nintendo?

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And for that I’m grateful! My sons have dropped their 2DS multiple … as in MULTIPLE MULTIPLE times, and not once has it broken! So watching the video you shared didn’t really surprise me too much with the Switch! I’m glad they’re doing plastic instead of glass, why would anyone use glass? My iPhone’s screen broke recently, luckily I was able to replace it myself but, my son dropped it and handed it to me, I was surprised how easy it was to break into a Christmas tree of cracks, yet they can drop 2DS systems all day long and nothing. Even with a few scratches it still works great.

I can’t justify getting the Switch yet. It’s expensive and the only game worthwhile is Zelda which I got for Wii-U. It reminds me of Assassin’s Creed with discovering the towers and the shrines, and the story is hard to hold onto so far with all the different directions you can take, which isn’t bad, just hard to stay on focus with the main story. The graphics are beautiful, voiceovers would have made this a 10/10 for me but it’s freaking Zelda so who cares! Like I said though, Switch is an experiment, we will just have to see what comes up in the future lineup. Maybe it’s that I’m growing up … 30 years old and my go-to video game is Zelda from NES. The Wii-U fell flat in just half a year, with the only great games being from Nintendo itself. I still love my Wii-U because it’s awesome for playing with friends and the kids stay entertained being able to play almost any game together. That’s what I’m hoping the Switch can be like but right now its focus seems to be just that it can be played anywhere. Then you have milking a cow simulator … on the Switch … a system you paid hundreds of dollars for. Think about that.

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Any plans on it coming to Canada?
I’ll need a screen protector very soon, and I’d rather not wait too long.

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I still can’t order or preorder it on Amazon. When will they be available?

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I also would like to know if it is a licensed Nintendo Accessory.


Not available in Canada?

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Hi @Curtis_Lu1, you can find it here:

Looks like they come in stock April 3. I’ll wait for a few reviews before I buy one. I have a case for my switch but a little extra protection never hurts.

The Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors will be in stock April 6th, but if you preorder today using code SWITCHGO you’ll get 20% off

Anker GlassGuard Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch [2-Pack]
Original Price: $9.99
Deal Price: $7.99