Introducing GaNPrime™️ - Productivity. Primed

Our best multi-device fast charging lineup EVER is HERE :zap:

In case you missed the livestream, you can check out the video below for all you need to know:

Whether you work from home and want more out of what you plug in, you’re a tech-savvy business traveler always on the go, or just someone who appreciates getting more done quicker, GaNPrime™️ will revolutionize the way you charge with multi-port, multi-device fast charging.

Hit the link below for more on GaNPrime™, an in-depth look at the full product lineup, and even exclusive Early-Bird Offers :eyes:


After viewing the video, we want to know how you think GaNPrime™️ applies to you. Where do you see yourself using these chargers and what benefits do they offer you in your every day life?

Is there a charger from the GaNPrime™️ lineup that’s your favorite? Why?

Let us hear it in the comments and tell the community what’s on your mind!


I love the Anker GaNPrime 727 and 733! I totally thought that the 727 and 733 side panel (where the Anker logo is) was going to offer wireless charging though. Might be a neat addition particularly for the 727 model!


I got bored after 2 minutes watching that. :see_no_evil:

A lot of “talking”.
This could be done in 6 minutes instead of 20. :grin:
Btw. I am using my old family 6 socket charger since many years.
Not intelligent, no “GaNPrime” but works. :grin:
Thank you ANKER for such a high quality.

Like the “big boss” told us : For many, many years.
That’s true, no doubt.

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I was very confused by the 727 alongside the 733 and 737.

Is the 727 Charging Station also a battery? Why or why not?

Does the Anker Logo in a circle on the 727 serve as a wireless charging surface? Why or why not?

Be specific.


I’m looking forward to power strips with 8 USB-C ports instead of AC outlets :rofl:


You really own 8 items can be charged by USB-C, Ryan?
I have only one! :laughing:


Why are you asking us after you launched them, rather than before? You are basically saying you know what we want without asking us.

You need to implement this idea for the larger wall chargers

This would mean in worn or difficult to reach sockets you can turn the wall charger into a desk charger. Worn sockets cannot tolerate heavy chargers, they simply fall out.

Cost pennies. Will make you $M.

No need on the smaller chargers as it make them slightly larger.

Why are you releasing with so many USB-A ports? Most of us either own plenty of USB-A chargers already and would bring 2 chargers, or can recharge such USB-A items off a Powercore as such items tend to not need much power and take slower and so more time. For example I carry those dual A folding mini chargers you make, so why would I spend money buying another charger, expensive, with another A port?

  1. Huge. The idea of a C8 cord would really help. Why is it not 150W when using 1 port?

  2. Huge - the above again.

I would never travel with just one charger as I need to account for a potential charger failure. So I carry a primary newer high power and a secondary older slower charger. As such I’m usually carrying 1-2 USBA ports and need more higher power ports. So why not a 3 or 4 port exclusively USBC charger?

615 - in real world there’s more 2 prong than 3 prong sockets so a 2 prong version for travelers. Very few 3 prong sockets in travel places. Travelers will already have moved to USB-C.

  1. Why is that big flat area not a Qi charger? 3 prong?

You know this site, this community, is often slow and doesn’t work? You don’t even use your own site, otherwise you’d know.

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We all know : Any suggestions from “old wise regulars” are not needed
when launching a product.:wink:

The more models the better, if useful or not, it doesn’t matter! :laughing:

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I’m feeling that @TechnicallyWell :+1:t2:

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I’m up to 8 in the house now - 2 laptops and 6 cell phones.

Not all mine, so it isn’t all in one place. But moving that direction.

@SpencerJames I actually assumed it was Qi charging at first. Don’t need it for anything, but weird shape to choose to not be charging.

@professor we are 100 percent in agreement on chargers that are corded, especially multi-device chargers. You can make your own with an extension cord, but feels hacky. It feels like it matters less for a smaller single device charger. And USB-A is wasted space.
For me in the US, three prong is better for my purposes in almost every way. And the 727 is a tempting product, at 120W it would be nearly perfect. The shape is a bit strange though.


I was mentioning and focusing on travel, where you more eager for smaller size for a premium price.

For home use, yes 3 prong is a better idea as more sockets 3 prong at home.

But at home, the size doesn’t matter so much right? Cost and performance matters more for home?

You want a 3 prong travel system?

120W fair enough, something that shape should have good cooling so I don’t see why not 120W. But I also don’t see why not 140W +.

I own a 60W travel charger , bought when I had a 60W USBC laptop.

Now I have a 45W laptop so use the flat 65W 4 port travel charger.

A logical travel charger upgrade using GAN III / GaNPRIME would be to have upgraded this from shared 65W to shared say 100W for those with higher power needs, an upgrade to a 3 year old product.

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I want it for my travel bag, so size matters (not to your extent). 3 prong is better than two for my purposes.

I’m sure it will get cheaper fairly quickly, just as most of these products do. Give it 6 months to a year.

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Let the Black Friday wishlists begin!

There’s no inherent reason why these cannot be at least 20W higher so if these are not perfect fit then wait for a tuned-up version. If all they did was ditch the USB-A ports you’d get some improvement.

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Was anyone able to get that $0.99 cable 634 offered for ordering anything GaNPrime?

Saw this on your Instagram today. How long has this been available???
From: Anker on Instagram: "Smart Display for the win 🤓 Would you use this portable power bank? 🔗 in bio --> GaNPrime™ Lineup #smarttech #newtech #portablepower #portablecharging #tech #techie #musthaves #lifehacks #traveltips #travelhacks #AnkerGaNPrime"

edited to add: ok, just found the product on anker website, and of course it’s sold out. ugh.


It’s been available for 25 days, August 10th.

The discount was on August 19th reduced to $120

Correct it currently is shipping late September and also the discount has gone away.

Suggest if you’re interested you wait…

If it’s sold out would align with some of the owners’ reviews the “intelligent” allocation is a bit funky and so there may be revision and waiting for that revised product. I’m guessing.

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733 teardown

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737 Powercore review with benchmarks.