Introducing eufy RoboVac Magic Mondays!

Giving you a reason to love Mondays! We want to cure those Monday blues with amazing eufy RoboVac deals and giveaways.

Feeling that Monday slump? eufy may just have the answer! We want to bring a little magic to Mondays through awesome deals and giveaways! Starting from the 14th of October we will be bringing you special treats EVERY Monday to help beat those blues.


1. Monday Giving

With every RoboVac purchase you make on the 1st Monday of every month, we’re proud to donate £1 to an animal charity.

2. Giveaway Monday

On the 2nd Monday of each month, we will be choosing 5 lucky winners to have their RoboVac orders fully refunded! Purchase your favorite RoboVac and it could be free!


  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, your order must contain at least one RoboVac robot vacuum and be placed at eufy | Smart Home Simplified on the 2nd Monday of the month.
  2. Each RoboVac order made will count as one giveaway entry.
  3. 5 winners will be notified via email by Friday of the same week.

3. Super Referral Monday (:heart_eyes: Online Now!)

On the 3rd Monday of the month, if you refer a friend to buy RoboVac, they will get a year’s worth of cleaning accessories (valued at £38), you will get a double cash reward (normally £40, now £80)!

Please note: If your friend returns their RoboVac within 30 days of purchase, you will be unable to claim your reward.

Start referring now: UK, DE

4. Free Accessory Monday

Receive a FREE perfectly paired accessory with any RoboVac purchase you make on the 4th Monday of the month.

Stay tuned for what’s coming up and check out our website for updates.

See you Monday!


I’ll have to start bribing people with home cooked cakes to start buying from my link :wink::yum:

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Wait wait wait. Major flaw in the system.

For giveaway Monday, If every robovac purchase counts as an entry, and the refund is for the entire order, then I can just buy like 1000 robovac a in a single order, and be guaranteed a win, and a ton of robovacs.

In addition, ppl can just buy robovacs very giveaway Monday, and cancel their orders if they don’t win…

@Macgyver15 if I bribed people with my home cooked cakes they’d stop using my referral links :joy:

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Thanks for the Monday morning laugh @TechMan! :joy::joy:

We don’t want the police confiscating yours when they go a bit stale to stop people using them as rocks :wink::joy:

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While I very much like this, it’s a shame that it’s mostly for the UK/De

Another reason to buy a robovac

now you are in the same club lol :joy:

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More so if what I meant is that they keep pushing sales for the robovac in the UK and DE, but what about pushing sales here in the US? They sell them here yet you rarely ever see them push sales or contest for them outside of the UK.


Great New concept and deal / giveaway @AnkerOfficial :clap:

Nice! Can’t wait for Tasty Tuesdays

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Two for Tuesdays … wait that’s Dominos :joy::joy:

Great giveaway concept to brighten up Monday’s

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I think the eufy brand manager must be in the UK because there have been tons of UK/DE only eufy campaigns lately.

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Oh come on @Tank. Stop complaining. The same thing happens to pretty much every other country except US for most promotions…


If you did win 1000. your residence should be the cleanest ever

Oh wow. would love the giveaway Monday. Too bad I am in US.