Introducing: Anker’s All-New Neckband Earbuds

Following the behemoth kickstart of Zolo Liberty+ within 24 hours, audio is back on the agenda — and this time we’ve got 2 pairs of brand-new earbuds to introduce.

As well as possessing similar names, the headphones also share some common features.

SoundBuds Life and SoundBuds Lite are both built with a supportive neckband and compact EarTips in order to deliver maximum audio, with a lightweight and tailored fit.

The neckbands feature in-line controls, so everything from managing your music, to making calls is super-simple and intuitive. Both earbuds are magnetic, and clip together around the neck for easy storage.

That’s enough of the similarities, let’s see what sets these earphone apart…

SoundBuds Lite

In the red corner, weighing in at a streamlined 0.2oz is SoundBuds Lite.

SoundBuds Lite offers 10 hours of audio via 8.6mm drivers, or up to 12 hours of talktime.
The Lite charges rapidly and offers excellent functionality on-the-go. So if you’re in a rush, but craving tunes, you can grab an hour of music from just a 10 minute recharge.

SoundBuds Life

And in the blue corner, also weighing in at a slender 0.2oz is SoundBuds Life.

Built with a silicon neckband and an aluminum finish, Life is the perfect ‘professional’ pair of earbuds. SoundBuds Life play for up to 20h, or give you up to 24 hours of talktime - which is literally days of usage from a single charge. Run out of juice? Fully recharge in just 90 minutes.

So whatever you’re after, our brand-new neckband earbuds have a little something for everyone. And as is traditional, we’ve got some deals for our awesome community…


To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away 5 of each.

To enter, simply leave us a comment telling us what’s most important to you when choosing a pair of headphones, and give us a share at the bottom of the article. We’ll pick 10 lucky winners at random.


And that’s not all, If you can’t wait to get your hands on them then we’ve got more good news.

From June 27th to July 2nd we’re offering 21% off on To grab your limited time discount, simply enter the code below at checkout.

SoundBuds Lite
Regular Price: $32.99
Deal Price: $25.99
Code: ANKER271

SoundBuds Life
Regular Price: $54.99
Deal Price: $42.99
Code: ANKER270

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the band. Best of Luck!


  1. Leave us a comment telling us what’s most important to you when choosing a pair of headphones, and give us a share at the bottom of the article. We’ll be randomly choosing 10 people to receive a pair of SoundBuds Life, or SoundBuds Lite earbuds.

  2. The giveaway is open to contestants in the US only.

  3. Prizes are limited to one per person.

  4. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues.

  5. The giveaway runs from June 27th 00:00 PDT to July 2th 23:59 PDT.

  6. Prizes will be shipped before July 15th 2017.

  7. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


When I’m looking to purchase some headphones I’ve always read what good and bad about the headphones how long the last and if there unbeatable like my last pair i had from sol republic those suckers wouldn’t break even when she started hammering the ear cups cuz she was mad the only thing that survived was the headband


The most important thing for me when selecting a pair of headphones has to be connection. I’ve gone thru numerous so called "wireless"headphones that only turned out to have crappy connection. You know the one… the ones that cuts off the song as you’re singing your heart out to a tune but having to stop because it stopped at the best part. Or having to wait for the reconnection and then having to it play again to continue rocking out. And better yet, the one where you left your phone on the kitchen table but you’re in the bedroom and the music just dies. So yeah, connection is very important to me. Second would be comfort. I am one of those people that gets an earache from long earbud usage… heck, I even get earaches from earphones that have the ear muffs. LOL. Rant over… hahaha.


Having headphones on is really important for me since it helps me escape my problems

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What’s important for me depends on the type of headphones. For in-ear it would have to be how will it stays in my ears, durability, then comfort and then sound quality.

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Looking really cool, the new headphones!

Having a more stable design would keep these on the neck while running or even just move about, i have an iphone 7 and these wireless headphones would be super great as it doesn’t have an AUX port anymore. Anker always deliver good products with super nice design and best quality!

me mee meee! pick meee!


I really like the SoundBuds Life design, the brushed metallic material really gives it a premium look and feel, I use headphones all the time while at work, these would be really helpful for me to be able to wireless and with less trip caused incidents!

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I am a reletively new member of this community,
having been looking through many posts and people here are really
helpful. Also just in time for this giveaway!

I do travel a lot and these headphones would be super helpful, easy
to store and less wires to tangle with, especially now i am using the
iPhone 7 plus, no aux port meaning the wireless is a must!


Good luck to those that enter, both certainly look impressive, though they are 2oz not 0.2oz (5g would be quite an achievement :astonished:)

Tried most the SoundBud range which has been released so far but I’m kinda on the fence still with these, with the neck thing. Might be proved wrong when I try a pair in the near future.


Few things are very important for me when purchasing headphone,
1.they should be ‘in-ear’
3.sound quality
4.battery time


When choosing a headphones, I primarily want them to be without a connecting cable, using bluetooth or wifi connection. Then I want them to be comfortable, because I use them normally when I go out to run. And the most important thing is that it has good sound quality, does not transmit distorted sound.


The most important thing is the fit of the earbuds! I am always on the go and in the gym, so I need a pair of earbuds that can be portable and also stay in my ears when I am on the go. Second would definitely be the sound quality so I can focus on the music and important phone calls that come up!


What is important to me:

  • reliability, in particular the wires don’t become worn and usually what causes buds to fail is having to wiggle the wire.
  • BT distance, often it can be just a few feet.
  • battery life. The smaller buds can often not last a reasonably long day (flight or lots of phone calls).
  • BT interoperability - pairs with everything else. I’ve never found buds which work with all devices, e.g. ones work with say a tablet won’t work with a PC and vice-versa.

For me the important thing is how they fit while I am jogging. I dont like them slipping out and shifting all around while jogging. Would love to see how these ones stay in.


The number one most important thing when selecting headphones is that they are available in the country that I reside. :joy:

The number two most important is sound quality which in essence becomes number one.
I currently have tested over 20 sets of earbuds in the past 6 months and only two pass the test of sound out of the box without using an EQ to stabilize the highs and lows. I believe this design will help with that and will also allow better Bluetooth transmission through the neck band design.

The final most important is the comfort level… I like to be able to use while lying down as well as moving around.


The most important things when i look for headphones is that should be comfortable and make sure that the quality is good. another factor , for me personally, would be the color. black is always fine but since green is my favorite color, i would definitely love a black and green combo. If it comes in that color combo then you already have me hooked on getting them :).

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What did I tell you @nigelhealy

For me, it comes down to:
-range (more so for speakers, though)
-battery life (AT LEAST 8 hours)
-sound quality (similar or better sound quality I could get for a similarly priced pair of wired earbuds)
-durable/long lasting (I don’t want the buds to die after a year or the rest of the device to become less functional than before)
-how they feel (I need them to fit, duh)

These seem GOOD, but a KILLER feature would have been BT 5.0.

Still, I really want these, especially the Life! :grinning::wink:


First & foremost COMFORT, followed very closely by sound quality—it doesn’t matter how great they sound, if it’s painful to keep them in. I’d love a pair of the Life’s… very sleek!


Thanks @AnkerOfficial for another amazing giveaway!

Headphones are a very intimate accessory. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to in-ear, on-ear, over-ear. Bluetooth, corded etc.

I’ve had some bad luck with headphones. I was young, dumb and bought a pair of Beats. These were on-ear and KILLED when they were on too long.

I recently got my first pair of Bluetooth headphones, Plantronics BackBeat Fit. These are lightweight, flexible but the sound leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ve been interested in Anker Headphones for a while, but trying to weed out all of the comments, reviews and specs, I still feel a bit confused.

These two look to be my style, lightweight and powerful. I’m interested in both Life and Lite for both of their strengths.

The neckband seems to be super comfortable and allow you to take out the headphones off and not lose them. I assume with the neckband, it is more powerful and stays charged for a longer time.

I would love the opportunity to try these outs. I hit the gym, travel and mow the lawn and need more juice!




For me the FIT! I have rarity of ears it seems. ALL in ear headphones I have ever used, including Ankers Soundbuds Sport which met their demise when they kept falling out of my ears on a run were promptly ripped apart in a fit of anger, but on to why I am commenting. All in ear headphones have always fallen out of my ear from a swift head movement and even on a simple run, even if they come with those concha ear pieces. Very very annoying, this is why I would love to try these new headphones, or potentially destroy them. :smiling_imp: