Introducing: Anker Chat for Facebook Messenger

These days, we’re living in an ever-connected, social-savvy world.

Research suggests the average American spends 116 minutes per day browsing social platforms. Amidst those Instagram masterpieces, and Facebook conversations, our chargers, cables and accessories have been striving to Anker you through (see what we did there?).

Well, for fans of social media, we’ve got a surprise…


It might take 116 minutes to get your daily fill of pet videos :cat2: and PR nightmares :airplane:, but it now only takes 2 minutes to find your perfect Anker product. Efficient.

We’re delighted to introduce our brand new platform built specifically for Facebook Messenger. It’s available right now, and is designed to be your one-stop-shop for everything Anker.

Anker Chat is an automated smart chat bot with 3 main features:

1. Chat
Our chat function finds your ideal Anker gear by asking a few simple questions.
For example, if you’re after a wall charger, we can find your ideal PowerPort based on where you want to use it and how many devices you want to charge simultaneously.

And the more you use it, the smarter it becomes.

2. Shop
At Anker, we’re always innovating. Anker Chat is one of the first platforms on Messenger where you can purchase products directly via Facebook. That means you can find, and buy the perfect products without needing to leave Messenger.

Integrated dialogue and checkout allows you to identify the best product, and purchase it in two shakes of a viral cats tail.

It’s the most social way to buy online, and may well be the future of shopping.

3. FAQ
In the unlikely instance you run into any issues with your Anker gear, our smart FAQ feature will allow you to troubleshoot instantaneously using different remedies tailored to your product.

Launch Promotions

To celebrate the launch of Anker Chat, we’ve got 2 special offers available on Messenger this week (April 19th to 23rd).

  • 20% Off PowerCore Fusion

Charge at home, or on the go with our 2-in-1 bestseller PowerCore Fusion 5000.

We’ve got an exclusive, limited 20% off deal.
Grab yours now for just $20.79, $5.20 off the price. If you purchase a cable, or any other product on top then your order will also qualify for free shipping.

And that’s not all, we also have…

  • 200 PowerLine IIs to give away.

To enter:

:one: Refer your friends.
:two: Each completed referral earns 1 point.
:three: The first 200 who reach 5 referrals will get a PowerLine II completely free.

Shopping has never been so simple and social… so what are you waiting for?

Check it out!

Purchasing via Messenger is currently limited to the US, as are launch promotions.
Quantities are limited, and are issued on a first come, first served basis.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: great stuff…


Awesome! Facebook is turning messenger into an everything platform. Cool to see Anker is one of the first to jump on it


While I was at first disappointed when Facebook separated Messenger into its own app, I’ve been finding the Messenger app more and more useful. I’m surprised how responsive many organizations and businesses are to Facebook messages.

For example, last summer I messaged a local park to see what time the pool was open and received a reply within an hour. Just the other day I messaged a local garage to get an estimate and they also replied in about an hour. Very convenient! I’m happy to see that Anker is embracing this technology.


What about the UK?

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It’ll probably come soon, but I think Facebook is starting rollout in the US first

That’s an excellent suggestion, we will get to work on it right away:sunglasses:

Yes, it help us to connect with our customer instantly:heart:

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What can you use points for?

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Same here, although for Twitter, amazing how much a quicker response time you get compared to email for queries. Nice to see Anker joining the party :thumbsup:

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I just wanted to highlight this and bring it to the top so more people can take advantage of this feature. Seeing as how a few people asked which product they should get this could be helpful for them

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I haven’t been able to get the Anker Chat on Facebook Messenger to work lately… :confused:

I hope they didn’t discontinue this future it was useful for people searching for which products to purchase or to ask basic questions.

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I’m sure they won’t, but I bet the coding got screwed up when the last site upgrade happened

That’s good I’m sure they’ll have things back up and running soon.