Introducing a Reddit Community

Hey Anker Fans,

As you already know, we have an absolutely amazing Community right here with countless helpful, well-written, and thought-provoking contributions, but unfortunately, no matter how many times we try to spread the word about this place through sharing on other platforms, we will never be able get everyone onboard.

In light of this, Anker is making an extra effort to expand their reach even farther by introducing a Community on Reddit. If you’re an active Reddit user, go ahead and check out the subreddit!

Personally, I will be posting most of my new and upcoming releases topics on both platforms, so you won’t be missing out on news either way.

Let us know if you’ll be participating on Reddit, and we’ll see you there (and here!)


Yes, we build our official community channel on Reddit, if you are a Reddit user too! Go, follow us!:imp:


Kinda have mixed feelings on this…yes I use Reddit a fair bit for some tech stuff, films groups and other discussions I’ve followed or if no other ‘official’ sources were any good…

I can also see why Anker likes to expand beyond the community via popular social media where there is a large customer base to target (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)…but why keep revamping your own community platform and running competitions to bring people to that platform, only to create a sub community on another platform :confused:

Hope were not heading for the same fragmentation or confusion that is slowly occurring with the product lines…


I know what you are worry about, but we are actually a cooperative relationship instead of competitive relationship. :heart:


Not worrying, just mixed feelings…


This should be the source of information and feedback. The Reddit Community should be used for driving more registration to this one. I believe this would make it less confusing for visitors and members.


I could never properly use Reddit. I’ve already too many online places demanding presence - and I don’t use social media - and not that much time.

But, then again, I’ve been needing an excuse to dig deeper into Reddit, for all the good stuff one can find there - once you filter through the bad and the very bad stuff, that is. I’ll give it a try!

I can see the appeal in the sense that it’s a channel in an already well-established platform, hence a greater pool of potential new customers to contact. Still, you are right in having mixed feelings, it’s dangerous to spread too thin and not properly advance any one platform.


Really like how blue it is, god i love blue so much

sky blue best blue


I feel like as long as the main goal is to get some traffic to your main website and its forums, the effort should be taken.

brand recognition is actually there already for most people surprisingly, and I am located in NY. Once you guys can start having some physical presence and entering big stores, you guys will surely take off


I will never use it and I don’t use other social media.
An old Neanderthaler doesn’t need to. :grin:

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Well they are already in Best Buy, Walmart so they got the two biggest retail stores covered.

What I do and think this is very important, is writing honest and well done, profound reviews at AMAZON for ANKER. In my opinion this is really the best propaganda! :heart_eyes:


Just got emailed asking to apply to become a Brand Ambassador for Reddit :thumbsup:


Congrats @elmo41683 :clap:

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Well considering I just created my account, I doubt I’ll get selected. Others have a more established reddit account

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Let us know what happens to the “Ambassador” :grin:

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Following on Reddit now :+1:t5:


I love Reddit; there’s a subreddit for everything! I’m glad to see an official Anker subreddit now! :thumbsup:


i’m not a big reddit user but I’ll check it out! is there anything different types of reactions to things Anker is expecting on reddit? or just more quantity?

So I’m on there, if ya want to see me there my handle is TankTak83

I’ll let yall know how the brand ambassador goes if I get selected for it