Internet : Do you get what you pay for?

There is always a huge discussion, if you really get the rate you pay for?
I use Telekom (lowest rate and cheapest charge :grin:)
Up to 16 MBit/s Download and 2,4 MBit/s Upload
And It seems I get what I pay for when checking the connection.
(15 and 2,10)


Hmmmm! I’m paying $60 for Spectrum and I get 100 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up. I test it using Speedtest and I actually get 110 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up… So it’s better than what I am paying for!


Shhhh. Don’t tell your internet company :joy::wink:

We dont have need for such a high rate.
I could be better when they will give us fibre optic.
But even in Munich there are part with no.
They like to spend money im useless things here in Germany

Why not there a many even worse than these we mentioned. :joy:

But since he is getting better than what he pays for, spectrum might slow his internet :joy:

They will see this as propaganda!
Good for the provider!
But may be he is working for that company! :wink:

Comcast Xfinity Performance here - $49 for 60 down and 6 up

ISP has to maintain min speeds. A little better is normal

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That’s the big difference.
Here in Germany you rarely get what you pay for,
The contract says “up to” and this is really ridiculous. :angry:

Till a few years ago it was like that in US as well. ISP’s were fine as long as they say high speed. even 6 down and 1 up was high speed and they would charge whatever.
Now they have to mention the exact min they will provide.

Very rarely do people fully get the speeds they are paying for (unless they are the only person on at the time or have a dedicated line) as the speeds advertised are the link to your ISP’s network, not so much your guaranteed download/upload speeds for the general net (unless the site is on the same ISP network)…

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True. Depends on the ISP’S distance to your property as well.

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Now OFCOM (government department for communication) has said broadband companies must be more honest and tell the truth of what you get.

My speed varies hour by hour! Sometimes it’s 140 and another time it could be 20.

So I do sort of get what I pay for, but it’s not consistent.

Guess what guys dont tell anyone:

so basically my contract had ended. im not paying any money to my provider but im now on a payg sim. my service provider i dont think they switched of my data after my contract ended so basically ive got unlimited data for life. i dont get calls or text though. must be a malfunction.

my previous contract was… unlimited calls,unlimited text, 2GB data

and after my contracts has ended i still get free data! im basically sorted for life :joy:

I pay for 150mbps and I get 210 :joy:

Until they realise their mistake and then none

yup true they are a big service provider so 1 person getting free data wont harm them :smile:

@dicejedi if you call Spectrum they will raise it to 200 down 20 up for the same price, at least they did for us when I looking to add a other line at our house.

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We have Comcast Xfinity with 60Mbps download speed for $45 per month / 1year contract…

Get download speeds up to 70Mbps… been good and stable

Have been using them for almost 6years, no complaints. Getting more then what I pay, plus Xfinity streaming and HBO, YMMV based on the promotion you got during the sign-up