Interesting isn't it?

Anyone can just randomly make new topics that don’t make sense and then they get points and maybe win a prize yet they don’t even have like the word “Anker” in the topic. Anker has been awesome for me and especially for my brothers who have bought many things already from them and that’s how I got into it and now when friends complain about cables or dead batteries on the road I totally be like watch me pull out my anker cable and a battery pack. I have motivated my friends to buy anker products because they outdo all other cables as far as I know. Thanks for reading and please leave a like:)


Thank you for writing this! I have seen a lot of posts that have been about non-Anker things and I am wondering why people are posting this. Maybe you should have just wrote this in a comment because it kind of is like the same thing:wink: Just kidding though!

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Oh well, thats why you report them as spam and get points too ;D

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i find cheese interesting

Apparently accounts will be checked before prizes are given out -


I can also imagine that once the promotion period is up, this will reduce massively and the user base will probably shrink to begin with.

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So true.

Competitions based on gaining points for posts will always result in an initial flurry. However, this serves the purpose of Anker who wish to promote this new addition to their brand marketing.

Let’s hope that after the initial fanfare dies down and the prizes have been won, we will be left with a insightful, incisive, informative and supportive community. Here’s hoping!