Interesting iPhone feature

I just found this feature on my iPhone and I thought it was interesting that they specifically listed sound cord devices


Which iOS?

I just checked on my phone and it lists all Bluetooth headphone/speaker devices that you ever connected to your phone. I can see my Airpods in the list, but not Soundcore devices as I’ve never connected any to my phone.

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Ice, we need this on Android

I believe this has been on iOS since iOS 13, now it includes options for Airpods plus other Bluetooth paired headsets / speakers.

I can’t find this in settings… where is it?

Ha ha… that’s a real hidden one



can’t find this, can only find the decibel measurement from the last days

Ah I see. I just got a new phone or else I guess it would have a huge list. But it tells you how loud the stuff you listen to is and if it’s “too loud”. Cool feature either way. This L2s get LOUD apparently!

iPhone, Setting->Privacy->Health it should look like this

Then when you click you see this but with all the devices you have connected to it.
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great now i found it