Interesting finding!

When flying back I took a look to this catalog.
Beside many important brands I found this:


Are WE represented this way by other airlines too?
If no, very innovative from LUFTHANSA!

ANKER you should place speakers and powerbanks there as well.
The competitors are in that game already!
(Need not to mention the trademarks)


Oh nice find! I always read them catalogs when I’m flying!

Nice to see Anker in airliners now…

Wow they are charging premium prices

gotta get that advertising game on lock :sunglasses:

I’m glad you found it, but it looks to me like normal marketing that Anker is doing by paying for ads…

Ahhh, Lufthansa is the best airline :grin:

There are many other “luxuries” :wink:to be found in that cataloque.
Same as all other real ANKER competitors with much more goods.

Nice find!!! You can purchase this using the privilege points or air miles on Lufthansa flights

Good to see someone still reads these magazines :joy:

JK but this is a great find

Great find!!!

I do read those, everytime i find or see something interesting, mostly electronic items listed, which i note down and then search on Amazon :sweat_smile: for cheaper prices to redeem my gift card balance


What else can you do?
Your wife is snoring beside you and before I watch “The Bluesbrothers” a 5th I take a look. :grin:

Lol that’s good. I guess I should start doing that as well

I just watch movies or play games with my sister if she isn’t sleeping. Never thought of reading these magazines

Nice find, its good see Anker products showing in more places

I’m not a frequent flyer but the few times I’ve been in a plane and browsed any of the catalogs behind the seats, I’ve never seen Anker advertised on them

That’s really cool :sunglasses: