Interesting find on Instagram

Was scrolling through my Instagram last night and came across this photo. I had to do a double take on it because it took me a moment to see it. I couldn’t tell if this was from the Ace of Spades rally or some other (as this photo was from years ago and I cannot find the original on their account), but I thought it was pretty cool that they are able to get the word out in this manner.



I saw a few vendor and name drops from sponsors on cars. Always nice to see one from Anker

Very interesting! So we don’t have an anker car, but at least we have a Roav car :joy:

Neato! Love to see things like this.

This need to put this car as a powerdraw item lol

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May be a Roav sponsorship / marketing idea!

#ROAV if you are interested in sponsoring I can put your sticker. You just need to provide me with the Lambo :joy::joy:


very interesting

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Hello everyone, I am new one in the blogging industry and I am traveling around the world and trying to find car's like this one, unique car's, take pictures of them and discribe a little, maybe even I can do a Test-drive. After I will post all these materials on my Instagram, by the way it is a fresh account I still don't have any followers so to be little bit sure that I will succeed I use autolike to instagram posts . I hope my account will be in trends in the near future, so I will be able to do new much more interesting things on my Instagram.

It was curious to find a tutorial on how to create face filter instagram, when I was scrolling the blog. Really worthy stuff.

That’s a great idea😂