Interesting feature from DHL

Now its possible to track the DHL deliverer in life mode.
“Big brother is watching him” :face_with_monocle:
That’s our all future!


He is narrowing!
But he hasn’t moved since one hour!
May be there is a pub nearby.
Should I call DHL?

No I will not!



I love this feature and more companies are using live tracking. I love it because I’m sick and tired of having lost packages and then the carrier tries to say they delivered it to no avail. Now they can be held accountable for their lying and not delivering my stuff.


Hmm, but isn’t this is a a kind of total control?
Its a two edged. sword.
I wouldn’t like to have such a controlled job.
Some one finds out that the carrier is still at the same place for an hour.
So he/she calls the company and complains.
Those fellows are terrible underpaid here and I m sure the same in the USA.

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I think part of it is good in that you know that it may be arriving that day that you can get now. I am not sure that we should know their exact location. The company probably should know that. I could see that it could be a security risk for the drivers as well. You could see people wanting to get angry for no reason such as driver did not move for an hour due to an accident, or a flat tire, eating or etc.

I say give them an area location of where they are at instead.


I like this feature a lot. Both UPS and Amazon show it currently for me and I use it just to make sure the dog doesn’t go crazy when they show up. That and to yell “Why did you turn down that street? Why are you that far away now when you were just 1 road away before?!? WHY ARE YOU STOPPED THERE FOR 20 MINUTES?” Then I come to the realization that it is coming no matter what and to sit my impatient butt back down and wait like we did before this was available: Staring out the window.


I love tracking the delivery van - as it also gives the number order you can always judge whether you have time to pop out or not, or if you are at work - I get my mum to pop over to my house to be in when it arrives. I get a bit obsessed with refreshing and seeing where the little van icon is :rofl: - although it always tends to be zig zagging up and down neighbouring streets until it reaches mine. DHL are one of the best for this!


I totally agree with you. And don’t forget the fun of calling them up to get the run around. USPS is notorious for claiming they delivered the item but never showing up.

I’m glad Amazon had this :+1:

Although genrally inaccurate I’m surprised couriers haven’t stopped this.
It’s been abused quite a lot in the past.

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I supposed that.
Where are the labor unions?

I’m driving around trying to find a wood stack… and two cats Lizzy and Carlo

Its not allowed to track Lizzy and Carlo!
Animal protection organization!

I like the idea, but then when they drive right past my neighborhood before coming back to me 3-4 hours later…

I know they have scheduled routes optimizing to minimize left turns or some sort of thing. But it drives me a little crazy.


There’s also an advantage in most countries to drive clockwise as it’s faster to turn right than left. It’s not so much distance as usually 25mph but each minute wasted doing a left adds up through many deliveries.

So driver optimisation will tend to enter on one side of a set of deliveries and go around in decreasing clockwise circles followed by a growing clockwise circle.

So you shouldn’t look at straight line distance but think more like


Opposite direction in the few countries where drive on left.

I’ve not used the DHL tracking but some Amazon deliveries do live tracking and I found it extremely useful as both showed current location and how many deliveries.

Currently sat in house waiting for an untrackable Amazon delivery

Mostly useless!

Most of the items I get I sent to Amazon locker in local shop and that’s mostly perfect but isn’t an option for larger items.

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If I knew the size of the loop I could do something with that - but I don’t know how long the snake is…

Instead I try to just ignore that tracking completely and it works better. Hard when something expensive is on the way though.

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I know all delivering fellows here meanwhile!
pensioner is always at home, so they leave the stuff for the neighbors here.
The best is a tip if they have a parcel for me.
So they know and like me! :laughing:

PS: There was a keyboard missing in the nowhere.
But the the DHL-friend told me : a failure of a substitute.
And he cared about!
Of course I got it by a “special delivery” and he got a “special tip”
result → friendship.
Before studying I was working for “Deutsche Bundespost”
50 years ago.
Great job!
I got more tips than payment.
“Funny young Franz” did care about “all things on his way” he “found” not only parcels! :
“perfect unpacker”…shhhht :rofl:

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What happens when you’re at the Biergarten?!

Can they deliver there?

I am sure they would like to if they could.