Interesting Eufy Warranty Fact!

I have no clue whether this is something new or not, but I came across something I wasn’t aware of on Eufy’s warranty page. Apparently, after 6 months of purchase, a defective unit may be replaced with a refurbished one rather than a new one.

In case you didn’t know, both Anker and Eufy have awesome, worry and hassle free customer support… just ask anyone who’s had to use it :wink: However, I just thought I’d share this because I found it interesting! I’m sure the refurbished unit will be like-new.

The same cannot be found on Anker’s warranty info support page.

Let me know if you learned something new!

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thats how you are supposed to have customer service. Thats how you keep customers happy and also how you develop a loyal customer base.

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I purchased several refurbished products lately and they have been great (I know someone actually looked at it and fixed whatever was wrong).

You mean Anker/Eufy ones?

I dig the transparency

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Thanks for sharing

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