Interconnectable portable bluetooth speakers?

Okay so I was literally just looking at my Soundcore speaker thinking how cool it’s be if you could connect them like surround sound…It’d be ideal for outdoor parties and the like, plus it’d encourage people to buy them in pairs/packs.

I’m not sure if this already exists (I’ve seen unbranded speakers which connect via aux) but I’ve never seen it done completely wireless, even with overpriced brands.

Would this be possible, and if so, would you consider marketing this product?

This is mainly aimed at Anker but I’d like other people’s opinions too, and any other features you’d add in.

Another feature i’d add to this product would be a bluetooth remote which would control the volume on all connected speakers, or combine the volume of the phone and speaker into one control.

This already exist within the Soundcore speakers lineup. You can pair two Soundcore flare, motion q speakers together via Bluetooth for true stereo surround sound


… the upcoming Rave speakers lets you cable daisy them together.

remote control is your device which is streaming the sound, e.g. your phone’s volume keys.

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Welp, there goes my creativity…
@AnkerOfficial you beat me to it! :joy:

On a lighter note I know what I’m saving up for now! thanks @elmo41683 :slight_smile:

Cables are my worst enemy, I was so glad when bluetooth became more widely available because I’m forever ruining AUX cables and jacks, I’ve yet to upgrade to wireless charging too but I’m waiting for my windows phone to pop its cloggs before I upgrade…I think if the speakers connect via bluetooth it’d be ideal for me, I know it’d drain the battery faster but that’s a small price to pay for portable surround sound, and that’s what power banks are for!

Also a separate remote would be better as it saves passing your phone around if anyone wants to change the song, plus you could add an SD slot, USB slot, LCD display, controls for any extra features the speakers might have (Eq, bass boost, radio etc) and switch between connected devices without having to disconnect your phone, go around pressing buttons on the speakers or giving out your phone’s PIN.

I’m not sure whether i’m sounding entitled & lazy or just over-imaginative, and i’m probably describing an object that’s already on the market and I just don’t know about :joy: