Instructions to set up another user/phone with the video doorbell

set up was a breeze for my iPhone but how do i set up my wife’s. Does she have to register or does she use my information? there should be a way to add a user just like my genie garage door opener, simple as an invite from my phone. So, how do I do this.


Hello!@dadrepus Sincerely apologize for all confusion caused!

-Please let your family members download a eufy Security App and register a new account with their E-mail address firstly;

-Invite them to monitor the video doorbell together via the following step: Slide the left menu and go to Family & Guest>Invite>Admin>Associated device>his/her E-mail address;

-After invited, your family members will get a notification in his/her eufy Security App, and then they can simply accept the invitation.

1.At the current stage, three of guest accounts can be invited to the most.
2.Please enable the Admin, or the guest account cannot get notification and other related functions.
3.Please make sure that the guest account has already been activated as well (In a general way, the people who registers a new account will get an email for account activation in his/her mailbox).

If the invitation fails, please simply contact us via Our support specialists will help to check your device soon. Thank you!

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Hello, is an update being worked on to allow more than 3 guest accounts? I think 5-8 would be adequate maybe 7. I ran into this issue today. I was setting up 4 eufy cam 2 cameras, home base 2, and eufy doorbell. When I finished, I started to send the invites to my many siblings only to be stopped at a hault with only 3 guest. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if I would be able to share my password and username but that doesn’t work either because it signs out of one device when i sign into another. Please add more guest users.


Yes, PLEASE add the ability for more family members. 3 additional is not enough…


This all sounds great, but I just installed my doorbel and it works fine. the problem has come when inviting my partner. She has downloaded the app, made an account, etc., and she receives the email, but then what? There is nothing in the app telling her what to do or give her automatic access. Does she need to add the device herself? that seems somawhat pointless.
Any help here would be great thank you!

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Hi all is there any solution on that ?

i still have problem with my partner invitation.

I just purchased the security floodlight cam, and have the same question/issues regarding partner invites.

Can an Anker representative answer this important question?

It will help determine whether I want to migrate to the Eufy ecosystem with the purchase of additional cameras.

Help me decide.

Search here

And email

If you get a fix, write it up in detail with screenshots and post it in the above forum.

Has the limit of three users been increased yet?