Install Netflix now ES Manager is pulled from store?

Hi there,

I got my nebula II today, trying to install the Netflix mobile app but es manager is gone as of 5 days ago.

I’ve tried the FX file explorer, found the Netflix app and installed it, but can’t figure out how to launch it again. If I go find it again in FX it just wants to install it again :thinking:

I’m not even sure it works with the Nebula because Netflix can’t control the quality.
It’s similar to when Netflix deactivated Airplay support


See my newly posted topic called “Nebula 2 - so frustrated I want to cry”.

@Sarah_Jane_Burns please install the nebula connect app on your phone and also, please upgrade the system version to 9.3.17. After that, please open the nebula connect app and click the NE button to open the Netflix.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concern.

you can use the voice control to open Netflix, it works fine.

another workaround is to install KODI, with the netflix add-on (kodi from teh store, the add on from a USB key), you will hten have to opran kodi from the home, and will find in it the netflix launcher quite easy.

Anker now has their own File Explorer app that you can download that does what ES Manager did for this purpose. You can find Netflix via settings (at the top right corner on the main screen )>apps>see all apps>show system apps>netflix.

I personally use Kodi for this as ON1TZUKA suggested, you can mark an Android App as a Favorite in the Add-Ons section and then it will show up immediately in the favorites section within Kodi. This makes it very easy to get to Netflix even without the Nebula Connect app.

anyone have a link to a working Amazon Prime Video? I side-loaded the latest version for Android TV, app works, but won’t stream video – very disappointed last night when I couldn’t watch the GOT series finale with a huge screen. Can see what’s available, can’t play any of it.

Also, while a longtime Android veteran, I’m new to Android TV. How do you reconnect an already paired BT device? So fat the only way to I’ve found to connect to my soundbar is by unpairing and repairing… I can’t find any way to connect to a device already paired.