Instagram will start hiding 'Like' counts for users in Canada

With brands using Instagram for marketing (including Anker), how much of an effect will the hiding of “Like” will it have on brands, starting from Canada, may spread to other countries.

what are your thoughts?


It sounds to me Mark Z. Wants the whole cake. I believed to be able to monetize a YouTube video you need to have over 1000 subscribers and certain amount of hours for ad-sense to be added. I understand big companies want their products to reach out to many people but it make its harder. Now for Influencers I’m pretty sure that a lot of their revenue dependes in the amount of likes and followers they have. If they can’t prove that they will be loosing money.

So far I believe Facebook(that owns Instagram) Will charge for putting ads in the middle of videos but I don’t know if they share any profit with the owners of those videos. I’m pretty sure they will sale packages to company’s claiming they can real statistics and better ads placement around influencers leaving those people to be unable to make more profits on their own.

Well that’s my guess.


The Mr. Z.'s data leech is growing. Dangerous


Lol about time

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Great decision. Should be implemented everywhere :joy:

I don’t see it that bad. The reason they gave was pretty good.

They open this for Canada, and move to US based on this test… It’s interesting to see if there is any uproar against it by influencers or content creators… Likes are one of the means to actually go to a post

This is going to hurt a lot of people and help out FaceBook’s wallet real nice.


Look at the timing, Facebook is doing a UI redesign and Instagram likes going away… … more like drawing crowds away from one to other


Yes, I have heard about it and can say that it is awful. Likes are probably the most important aspect of instagram. How to understand the level of quality of products which are present on instagram for example. I don’t think that comments will be popular. However, now likes are still with us and we should to use this possibility. I reccomend all of you to use autolike services, especially I reccomend . Nowadays it is the best way of promoting instagram accounts